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Yoga Studio is everything you need in a yoga studio and the best part is it pays for itself with just one use! Going to a studio can cost anywhere from $9-20+ adding up over time, but with Yoga Studio you can have peace of mind in choosing when, where and how often you practice!

Whether you’re looking for beginner classes, intermediate classes or advanced classes, you’ll find easy to follow HD instruction a click away.

Also expect more content updates and added classes on a regular bases!

Play, create, customize and schedule easy-to-follow HD video yoga classes.

⁃ 65 ready-made yoga & meditation classes with HD video
⁃ Easily customize or create your own unique HD video classes
⁃ Stay on track with class scheduling
⁃ Library of over 280 poses with detailed advice and instructions
⁃ Perfect for beginners, awesome for experts

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148Apps – “Out of all the yoga apps, Yoga Studio is definitely one that is worth keeping around.” Rated 4.5/5 stars.

Cosmo Magazine – “Yoga Studio might be the perfect yoga app.”

MSN – “One of the best yoga apps out there.”

Zest – “A simple, fuss-free interface makes Yoga Studio the perfect comprehensive yoga app.”

⁃ 65 unique yoga & meditation classes in beautiful HD video
⁃ Choose classes from 10 to 60 minutes
⁃ Suitable for all abilities: beginner, intermediate and advanced
⁃ Yoga for strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance or a combination of all four
⁃ Change and customize all classes to suit your personal needs
⁃ Quickly search to find classes based on duration, focus, ability or level of intensity
⁃ Play classes anytime, anywhere – no internet connection needed after downloading classes

⁃ Quickly and easily create full, flowing HD video classes with our video stitch technology
⁃ Choose the order and duration of each pose
⁃ Our unique smart-link feature will help your class flow smoothly from one pose to the next
⁃ Add short sequences to your classes with one tap
⁃ Conveniently add poses to the beginning, middle or end of your class

⁃ Schedule classes which automatically sync with your calendar
⁃ Schedule a single class or repeat your favorites every month, fortnight, week or day
⁃ Track your class history and easily find your most recent and most played classes

⁃ Browse over 280 poses with vivid images and detailed information
⁃ Learn each pose’s benefits, instructions, modifications, variations and cautions
⁃ Smart Search will help you find poses based on type, focus and ability
⁃ Search for poses by name in English and Sanskrit
⁃ Favorite poses you like to easily find later and quickly add to new classes

⁃ Pose blocks are short, common sequences of poses – like a sun salutation
⁃ Add pose blocks to your classes with one tap, making class creation even quicker
⁃ We’ve included 20 ready-made pose blocks, and you can make your own

⁃ Choose from several background music and ambient sound options, or play music from other apps
⁃ Pick your level of instruction: full teacher commentary (for ready-made classes), just pose names or a simple chime to indicate the next pose
⁃ Swipe-to-skip feature lets you easily navigate by pose during classes

⁃ Small download sizes – at least 10 times smaller than normal HD videos!
– Play classes on your TV with Chromecast
⁃ Developed, performed and taught by a qualified yoga instructor

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June 9, 2016

50,000 – 100,000

Current Version

Requires Android
4.1 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

Offered By
Fit For Life LLC

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Brittany Rochelle January 22, 2017
Love this yoga app! Best by far! It’s totally free and there are dozens of videos ranging from 15 minutes to an hour and it also includes a few sun salutations and light stretching. It’s so calming and I love that you can build up to more advanced moves. You can also put together your own flow! Great for a beginner who is interested in doing yoga but doesn’t know where to start. Can’t say enough good things about this app!
Justin Volden September 21, 2016
Great yoga app I purchased this on my iPhone and then when I switched to Android purchased it again. More than happy and find it well worth it to have made the purchase twice. This is a much better app then the others out there. My one issue is the classes have been extremely slow to download on Android. On the same home network downloading the same classes on my iPhone went quickly. On my android it’s taking triple the time to pull them down.
Tesha Melvin
No other Yoga app can give you all the features that this one has! Definitely worth the purchase. I’ve been doing it for two years, the same time I started weight watchers- and let me tell you! With eating better, making my mind and body stronger- I feel SO much better. Not to mention I have no more back pain, leg cramps, and I can run further than I ever have!
Rebecca Hall April 25, 2017
I like it but it won’t let me copy classes and it keeps glitching out. When I try to add a pose to a flow I made it changes all the duration times back to their default time. I love the idea this app has just please fix this. Also I think it would be a good idea to make it easier to organize the poses when you go to create your own. I am very sad this isn’t working well.

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TChat for Twitch

TChat for Twitch Android

What Is TChat For Twitch?

TChat for Twitch was designed to give users the best possible Twitch experience for mobile. TChat chats are persistent. You can leave the app and come back at any time and you wont miss any chat messages. We have tried to make the TChat for Twitch message features as close as possible to the desktop Twitch chat features. Watch Twitch live streams, past broadcasts and highlight videos on the fast and stable Twitch video player. Moderators can easily moderate a channels chat in TChat, with a few simple taps.

TChat for Twitch Android Features :

• Add and save multiple Twitch channels to the app and keep them all connected at the same time.
• Leave the TChat app and come back at anytime to continue where you left off, your channels chat history will be waiting.
• Watch a live Twitch stream in-app while chatting. You can also watch previous streams and highlights.
• Get notified when your followed streamer goes live.
• Get app notifications when you are mentioned in chat or if you get a whisper message. You can also set custom notification keywords.
• Use the pop-out player option to watch streams while multi-tasking.
• Enable the sleep timer to automatically stop video playback, at a time that suits you.
• Listen to live streams and past broadcasts with the audio only feature.
• Browse the top Twitch communities.
• You can use the Twitch, BetterTTV (BTTV) (GIFS also!) and FFZ emotes in the app with our emote selector which includes a favorites tab.
• TChat for Twitch gives you easy moderation, just click on a message and apply a timeout or ban.
• Find your followed channels quick and easy, we will let you know if they are live.
• Set notification quiet hours for when you do not want to be disturbed.
• Customize TChat for Twitch to suit you, we have different theme colors to choose from.
• Night owl? Turn on night mode to ease the eyes.
• The channels chat history log can be searched whenever needed.
• Search the user list, view Twitch profiles and have fun!

The app is supported by advertisements, however there is an option to remove the ads for a small one time fee, in the left side menu.

Please note, TChat is not affiliated with Twitch Interactive, Inc. in anyway whatsoever.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for TChat for Twitch Android

November 3, 2017

100,000 – 500,000

Current Version

Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 12+
Parental Guidance Recommended

Offered By

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Stuart David November 19, 2017
I loved it till the new update and all the 30 sec ads. Having to sit through them every single time I open up from doing something else on my phone is frustrating. At least the older version you could close it after a certain amount of time. So I can say that the app is so much better with the 30-second ads gone. The developer was awesome and I can say I love this app now. I have now found a new problem where it keeps launch in the Google Play Store over and over and over. Hopefully this can be addressed and then it would be 5 Stars again.
TChat September 11, 2017
Hi, yeah sorry those ads are not supposed to be there. I have disabled some networks. Please let me know if you still get them. Thanks 🙂
Shawn Padgett November 24, 2017
Ok, I went ahead and upped my rating from 1 star to 3 after getting the paid version. I paid for it since I consider it an investment in my stream. I’ll use it for a while and if it’s as useful as I think it will be to monitor chat while streaming, I’ll up my rating some more. One useful feature that seems to be missing would be Streamlabs integration.
TChat December 3, 2017
Thank you for the updated review and for paying for the app, it helps alot 🙂
Andrew Cameron December 3, 2017
Way over-monetized wrapper for IRC not worth it just for Twitch emote support. There are free IRC clients that keep me persistently connected to multiple Twitch chats without torturing me with ads. Uninstalled. Edit: I understand why ads are present in apps. The developer doesn’t seem to understand that they’re using egregiously many ads. The ad-supported version of this app is simply NOT WORTH USING because of how awful the advertising is.

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Passionflix Android


We’re turning best-selling romance novels into movies and series. From sweet and sassy to sultry and steamy, our originals will leave you gasping for more. Only on Passionflix.


From Mr Darcy to Mr Grey, Passionflix will have your favorite romance movies, as well as some undiscovered gems. Every one handpicked for your viewing pleasure.


Sometimes you want naughty, sometimes you want nice. Introducing the Barometer of Naughtiness, just tweak the dial and find movies to match your mood. What’s your BON?


In order to start a movie go to the detail page by clicking on the image. Then hit the play button.
You can fast forward and rewind the movie by either tapping on the progress bar or moving the point to the desired spot by holding it with your finger.


If the movie has different audio or subtitles a small menu in the upper left corner will appear. When you click on it you can make your selection.


At the moment, Passionflix is only available in the USA and some of our content will be restricted to certain countries depending on license rights. However our own produced Passionflix content will be available for our paying customers in 150 countries worldwide so you won’t miss out the latest addition while you are on holidays.

We will go live in more countries as our content grows.


We are producing more content as we speak and at the same time negotiating with studios to offer you more passionate movies.

Keep an eye out on our website, Facebook page and newsletter where we will inform you about upcoming releases.


We have categorized our movies and series by naughtiness level. So depending on your mood you can find fitting content to watch. Just change the level on our barometer and we will present you with content of that category.


When you are browsing through our content on or the app you can add movies that you are interested in to a personal list. Just click on the movie to get to a detailed description. There you will find a plus button to add the movie to your list.
When you return to the start page you will see that we added for you a new section called “My list” for easy access to your marked movies.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for Passionflix Android

November 6, 2017

Varies with device

5,000 – 10,000

Current Version
Varies with device

Requires Android
Varies with device

Content Rating
Rated for 12+
Sexual Innuendo

Offered By

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Ryan Sutherland December 2, 2017
Had I been given a week free trail I would have canceled I had this for less than 24 hours. I want my money back.
Jennifer McLaughlin November 27, 2017
The app does not open. Fix it or I’m cancelling
Denise Gilbert November 6, 2017
Working great now! Thank you for the fix, Passionflix!!!
Krystal Embry November 4, 2017
The app crashes a lot. It looks like it only has 2 original movies based on books. They are both really well done. The rest of the movies are things I’ve seen a dozen times.
Suzanne Critelli November 5, 2017
The app crashes and freezes a lot, which makes it difficult to watch the movie. Other than that, love the concept of our favorite romances are being turned into movies!
Brooke Parker Hill October 25, 2017
Since last update, constantly crashes. Beyond frustrating. My phone is the only way I have to watch since not compatible with my other devices yet. C’mon.
Tiffany Smith
Just downloading for my android, but it works well with my iPad mini. I would eventually like a fast forward and rewind, at least 10 seconds button, but so far, so good. Nice selection of movies, too, and not too many to be overwhelmed. I’m also looking forward to perhaps a few more foreign romances.
October 24, 2017
Does not open on my tablet Works on my computer and phone. No idea why it doesn’t open on tablet…that is disapointing!!
Maureen Pedersen October 30, 2017
Works great with Chromecast since the 10/24 update. I am able to watch on my smart TVs!
osei alexander November 2, 2017
Why demand payment before i sign up? Follow the model of netflix
Jackie Baker October 15, 2017
I like the APP but, would be better if it remembered or marked the place where you left off in the movie not restart every time you exit and return. Fix that problem and you’ll really have something.

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Luchadeer for Giant Bomb

Luchadeer for Giant Bomb Android

Luchadeer is a great way to watch Giant Bomb videos. Watch any Giant Bomb video on phones, tablets, or Chromecast.
★Stream any Giant Bomb video to phones, tablets, or Chromecast
★Search, browse, and watch unarchived videos thanks to the Giant Bomb Unarchived YouTube channel
★Receive push notifications when new videos are posted in your favorite video categories, or when the Giant Bomb chat goes live (best guess)
★Save your favorite videos so you can always find them easily
★Download videos so you can watch them later
★Link your Giant Bomb account — subscribers get access to all of their exclusive and HD content

Luchadeer image created by and used with the permission of Paulo S. Costa.

Luchadeer is open source! Anyone can contribute bug reports, feature requests, or even code at

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for Luchadeer for Giant Bomb Android

August 6, 2016

1,000 – 5,000

Current Version

Requires Android
4.1 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

Offered By
David Forsythe

Free Download Luchadeer for Giant Bomb Android

Luchadeer for Giant Bomb Google Play Store Download

Kevin Slechta September 3, 2016
Da Bomb Fantastic way to watch Giant Bombs content. I love them, but I’ve always had issues watching their videos on mobile through their sites player. This makes it simple and quick to watch all GB content!
Karl Bix September 14, 2016
Awesome! Fixed: Stopped pulling new content :/ error message saying to try again later. Any chance we could get a dark theme?
Derek Tam December 24, 2016
My favorite giant bomb app The best way to watch videos about video games from a site about video games.
HTC Carr December 18, 2016
Great app, with video resume this would be 5 stars
Alex Santa Maria June 28, 2016
Works again with the latest update, no issues at all!
Andrew Andrew December 13, 2015
Search is broken Almost great, but when searching for a specific video with the full actual title, doesn’t appear in search results at all e.g. “Unprofessional Wednesdays: 11/27/2013”. Even searching for just the date gives useless results. Interface, Chromecast support, etc, all really great, I want to love this app. But if I can’t find the video I want to play …it’s pointless 🙁
James Arrico May 30, 2017
The look and feel of this is awesome, but when watching videos if you pause the video then open something else out doesn’t remember where you left it off. If they could fix this I would give 5 stars.
N. Spengler October 22, 2015
Perfect I said I’d give 5 stars if the problem was solved. And here they are.
Geoff Hackett October 13, 2015
Hottest giant bomb video app
Danny May 31, 2015
Luchadeer! An incredible app. I still prefer the Video Buddy but Luchadeer has a really good interface. They both are good. We’re lucky to have such awesome GB video apps made by the awesome community. Works great. No crashes. Enter ur boxee code and u can watch all ur premium stuff. Thanks app maker! ~sanzee

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ISS onLive: Live Earth cameras

ISS onLive: Live Earth cameras Android

ISS onLive allows you to watch realtime video of earth from International Space Station cameras:
– HDEV (HD Live Earth Viewing Experiment) Camera
– ISS SD secondary cameras / onboard cameras
– NasaTV Channel
– NasaTV Media Channel

You can watch two channels at the same time in your device, specially designed to follow spacewalks, or watch the two live cameras.

Includes Chromecast support to send the video streams to your TV, and watch 3 video channels at the same time including your device.

With ISS onLive you can get notifications of the following events:
– Sunrise and sunsets in ISS (about 15 times in a day)
– When ISS passes over you to see your location from space (day passes)
– Special events like spacewalks, launches and others.

Twitter: @ISSonLive

Notes for transmission problems from ISS: Sometimes video is not available by transmission problems. Be patient, in few minutes (sometimes hours) the transmision will return.

About video stream:
– Black/Blue Image = International Space Station (ISS) is on the night side of the Earth.
– No Audio = Normal. There is no audio by design.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for ISS onLive: Live Earth cameras Android

September 6, 2017

1,000,000 – 5,000,000

Current Version

Requires Android
4.1 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

Offered By

Free Download ISS onLive: Live Earth cameras Android

ISS onLive: Live Earth cameras Google Play Store Download

Thomas Fundgrube September 30, 2017
I don’t trust thenasa liar. When ever they open the mouth they lie or depress information’s. The video can be day’s old. Everytime if something interesting is to see they stop the live feed. Listen corey goode and david wilcook
October 20, 2017
I just want to know where ALL the stars are at? Why are they not visible in the darkness of space? And why is the 2nd cam always pointed at the space station? It is like having a dashcam and aiming at your car’s hood…. makes no sense to me, but maybe I am unaware of the need to stare at the vessel and not space…
Victor McKinley
I’m at a loss for words to be able to see the world I live in from that far away knowing that that space station is moving at 1500 miles an hour and then to think about 7 miles a second I’m astonished and I’m glad I ran into this app. Every child and big child such as me always wanted to be an astronaut or Pilot. You’ll feel like one or the other with this app. Get it anyone who wants to see something you will never see without an app like this
River Dweller November 12, 2017
Ok, now I really, really want to get off this rock and look back upon it!! Guess this is the closest I can get. I love that I can take pics and video of the sky in app. Only thing I would like to change/add is the option to use non Google map, that never works for me. I could watch this for hours!
Thomas Hirschfelder October 12, 2017
Very cool seeing mother earth in all her glory as the astronauts see her. Amazingly beautiful and peaceful even as man’s wars, famines, and pestilence rage on and the effects of our presence on the planet are barely noticeable.

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