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Sunny kang
May 22, 2018
Drama good

Dark Galaxy
May 16, 2018
I wish I could rate zero stars. Where are the subtitles?? You can watch a drama or a movie or whatever, but how can I watch it without subtitles?

Joan Kim
May 11, 2018
i have chromebook… cannot fullscreen. the app is size of cellphone screen

Hortencia Del Real
May 3, 2018
Can’t see the subtitles properly when using the Roku app, apple iPod, and Chromecast. They get cut off. Is there a way to edit subtitle settings (size, color, etc)

Jason Farrell
May 3, 2018
Great app for watching tons of original Korean programming. The biggest problem by far with this app is that it doesn’t keep track of what episodes in a series you’ve already watched (like Netflix and YouTube do), so you have to keep track yourself(!). Devs — if you’re listening — please implement this basic “watched” feature, so I can stop keeping bookmark notes in another app. Also, it would be great if we could change the sort order of listed episodes to oldest-to-newest for catching up on series. Thanks.