Android The NBC App – Watch Live TVReviews

matt vanmatre December 26, 2017
Same as EVERYBODY else. It crashed in middle of show. To the point of not worth my time anymore. I feel sorry for fans of ur network, but ABC an CBS have some great shows too with no problems. Maybe they pay their it guys better. Bye bye nbc

Sara Searcy January 5, 2018
I have shows I regularly watch on NBC and every single time I play them on my Samsung device on this app is is constantly buffering. I’ll watch maybe one minute and then it gets to a commercial and starts buffering and won’t stop. I have restarted the app, uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing has worked. Poor poor quality.

December 30, 2017
I like that it didnt cut out like the other channel’s app. I like how it gives u coins to watch locked episodes ya know.. I had never seen this is us and i got to watch and enjoy from tje phone… Wow nbc you did it real 👍

Josh Vogler January 7, 2018
NBC has infiltrated their rating with fake reviews. The app is terrible and will continually fail to load the actual content and just loop back to groups of 5 ads in a row. After 35 ads in a row I gave up trying. It’s a shame a good company can’t provide the same content…unfortunately NBC will be a long slow death. I know single developers that can implement streaming better than this monsterous dying brand with luddites at the wheel.

Melinda Orr January 5, 2018
I would give a better review except every time I try to link my provider it will not worth. I tried several different ways. Seems like a setup since the only thing that works is if you sign up and use the coins.

January 4, 2018
Buffers constantly, it’s impossible to watch an entire 20 minute show. I have no trouble streaming on any other app, it’s just too glitchy to use. I’ll give it one more try then delete it

January 6, 2018
Love NBC programming but… Network tv was always free, now, unless you don’t mind being a week behind, you have to have a paid-for provider. Sad to see the networks, who already make millions, being so greedy. 🙁

Nancy Glodowski January 9, 2018
Have tried to install it and uninstall it numerous times on different devices and it keeps going in a loop. It will not let me watch the episode that is most recent. It should let me watch it because I have it linked to my Dish Network account. I also created an account on your app. Very frustrating your app sucks royally.

leah baker January 2, 2018
I was trying to redeem the three free credits for getting a profile and every time it said error try again. Then I would try again and despite not having an account it would say email already used. I then tried signing in with the account I just made and it gave me an error. It’s 2018 and this is an app for a major network it needs to shape up.

Rose Lattmann January 11, 2018
I love that you can watch soap operas anytime you want to. I’m two weeks behind on my soap and am happy to watch it on my free time. Yes there’s commercials but it goes back to the show. I totally love this app. Thank you!

January 10, 2018
I really like that I can catch up on a show or binge watch. Maybe I am missing something but I am not able to skip episodes. If I watch an episode on another medium I am always taken to where I left off on the app even when I try to watch a different episode. Other than that, it’s great!

Emma Singletary January 5, 2018
I wish I could give it 0 stars. This app is terrible. It makes you create an account to watch things ans then won’t let you log in!

Matt S January 6, 2018
Constantly buffering, tried to watch football and other sports and it cuts out constantly. And it won’t let you chromecast, it has chromecast built in, but when you do it, it doesn’t work. # Appfail

Jerri Schorr January 3, 2018
If i could give 0 stars i would. Worst streaming app i have ever used. All it does is play ads amd buffer the show. You’re truly the worst NBC

J Oliver January 2, 2018
I have been trying to watch for days now and get so much buffering it’s rediculous. I have no problems with other networks and I don’t even want to watch them.

Nicholas Ballato January 4, 2018
This app is great to catch up on any shows you might have missed or didn’t have time to watch when it originally aired. It keeps the 5 most recent episodes of each show. Each set of ads airs at the same times as it would on television. It also tells you exactly how many ads there are each time. The amount of people giving this a poor rating because of “having too many ads” is ridiculous. The app and it’s contents are free. There are still less advertisements then a standard hour of television. What reason do people have to complain?

Naty Matos December 29, 2017
It does have a lot of ads, but it’s free, so I can’t complain. I’m glad it has shows from past and present and the best part, I can stream them on the TV through my Chromecast.

CherieAnn Olson December 31, 2017
This is one of my favorites. Cable is so expensive and I really miss regular tv shows that arent on that $10 provider

Sharon Miklos January 4, 2018
Keeps crashing. Can’t last longer then approximately 15 minutes and part of that time is taken up by ads, all 8 of them at a time. I will say, when it is working, it works nicely [includes the ads].

David Urquiaga December 29, 2017
This app is filled with enough ads to make the Superbowl blush. The thing about this app is that it gets job done, which 99% of apps that attempt to do what they did can get right, but they fill it with enough ads that I think they’re making around a million dollars just off of one TV show that is successful on their app. There’s so many ads all the time that it just makes me feel like I hate whoever paid to have their ad run 5 times on a single video. Honestly I’m tired of Grey Goose and I feel like I want to kick over every Goya can I see at the store. At some point they kind of have to cut it back you know.

Rebekah Dickson January 1, 2018
Constantly have to force stop, clear cache clear data, or uninstall/reinstall to get it to load. Kicks out my NBC profile and provider info occasionally as well. Content is great.

leslie elliot January 6, 2018
It is good when it loads, which is next to never. I have the Note8 and no issues with other apps. Very disappointed. I just want to watch This Is Us

Vicki Pechacek January 11, 2018
I am really happy to have this as an app. Even though there is commercials, I can watch daytime programs with more like prime time like commercials. Also, it is nice to be able to watch my shows when and where I want to. I would however pay for the app to not have commercials.

Jacob Doerr December 30, 2017
The app constantly freezes. I’ve restarted and re-download half a dozen times now. I also get inaccurate records of where I, or normally it, left off. I spend half my time trying to get back to where I was. AND THE ADS!!! I get the same 6 ads over and over. Worse than watching it live. If I see the “Truth” ad one more time, I’m going to try sue them for trying to destroy a market. And I’m an asthmatic who dislikes smoking!

Clint Dorny December 31, 2017
It keeps resetting, back to the beginning of what I’m watching. Takes a long time to load or gets stuck buffering. Thought it might be my wifi, but continued to happen on fiber optic internet.

Alex Festaiuti January 5, 2018
Garbage when casting. Nothing plays. I also can’t link my provider. It asks to link your provider by clicking the yes box. Assuming it would take me to another screen to log in with my provider details and nothing happens. I re-DL the app and restarted my phone. Still nothing. Waste of time.

R Tse January 11, 2018
Perfect with chromecast. However, I wish I could rewind or fast forward while casting. Also, I wish Ellen’s talk show episodes were available on this, new and old. I don’t mind the ads.

April Wheeler January 8, 2018
Its junk if it wld let me. Vote 0 i would… Will not load and aleays have problems with thus app.. GOODBY NBC!!!!!

erwin morales December 30, 2017
Simply fast forwarding will unleash the cavalcade of commercials. Ridiculous. I will never use this cr-app ever again.

Dennise Serrano December 31, 2017
This app doesn’t even open without loading for a while. I was looking forward to watch my show, but the app is not even opening after using it last night for the first time.

Amanda H December 29, 2017
Holy Glitch Batman. I can’t make it through 10 minutes of a show before it crashes. Please fix 🙁

January 5, 2018
I like being able to pause my shows in case I need to step away. The ads do not bother me because they’re shorter than commercials.

Ginger Morris January 5, 2018
Love this can watch my favs shows when my local channel plays off schedule at later times without warning so couldn’t record so they can broadcast basketball games 🙁 So easy to use with my Note 8 & its screen view plays on my TV no wires needed Thanks NBC my favorite network

Mary Anderson December 30, 2017
I enjoy that I can watch my program any time. Not to many commercials and that is great. Keep up the good work NBC

Justin Cho January 5, 2018
Feels like I’m watching more ads than a single TV show. Also Ads like to buffer a lot and ruin the show altogether.

Hunter vandyke December 30, 2017
I have subscription and everything and this app won’t play an episode of anything I click on. Complete garbage

January 11, 2018
Good quality, but WAY to many ads! 13 on a 23 minute show is too many

Romina Albónico January 6, 2018
The app would be awes9me if it didn’t’t freeze 2 to 4 times in an episode. I have to restart and look for the episode I was watching because it won’t even have it as “continue watching”. It has a lot of potential but right now it’s very annoying.

Mona Richardson January 10, 2018
So awesome, being able to watch my favorite tv show “dateline” on this app.

Ac Ray January 4, 2018
Keep freezing and loading all the time. I can’t even watch one show without it freezing or buffering couple of time. It also has a lot of ad. I might as well watch regular tv.

Gabrielle Kirkland January 8, 2018
would be a lot better if it didn’t take so long to load. I have to go into settings and force stop it, then go back in to app in order for it to open and load. Other apps like this i have no problem with just nbc.

Andrew Pita January 7, 2018
Absolutely horrible. Promised live TV to watch the Golden globes and the app had nothing. Every other network has it figured out…just not NBC

Shawn Russell January 6, 2018
App works great. I’m confused about some of the content being locked

Jenna Hibbs January 10, 2018
Love this app!! Allows me to get caught up with my shows on the go!

Nikisha Crosby January 1, 2018
Freezes up atlot and when i logg back in you can’t continue watching where you left off

Elizabeth Stone December 26, 2017
Lately alot of the shows I watch have been buffering and I can’t watch them but on my phone some will let me watch it there

January 5, 2018
The app takes way too long to load on my phone. Doesn’t work with our WiFi. App shuts of while I’m watching a show.

December 28, 2017
I wanted to watch modern family but its not there 😭 And when i tried searching it all it sjowed was interviews and not the show

Esha Thornton January 4, 2018
Great app. Let’s me catch up with my favorite shows. Not too many commercials. Feels like regular TV anytime you want it.

Jovanny A Rodriguez December 29, 2017
APP TO SDCARD/PORTRAIT VIEW: Please add the ability to be able to move the App to the SDcard. Also, add the ability to be able to playback videos in portrait mode (now it only does it in landscape mode). Thank U.

Mary Stamps January 2, 2018
Keeps freezing but other wise like catching up on my shows.

Susan Clark Smith January 4, 2018
App glitches if one must pause in the midst of a show, making it necessary to exit the show; otherwise, it works well.

Spencer Badesch January 2, 2018
Doesn’t work on the Pixel 2 running android 8.1. Won’t let me watch live TV or link my provider

Judith Kasmiersky January 6, 2018
Unstable. Only a few times out of many that I’ve tried to use this app it either crashes or the show never loads.

Bryan Ducane January 5, 2018
Well, I like it, but; my cable is included in my rent so I can’t link an account. There is no way to buy credits to watch locked shows if you’re in my situation…

Ed Buda January 11, 2018
I am looking for information on the pet shelter that will start putting down dogs due to over capacity

Barbara Gable January 1, 2018
Would give 5 stars but it keeps going to a blank screen half way into the show.

Mary Hunter January 2, 2018
I’ve used this app for years, and all of the sudden it won’t work on my phone any longer.

Liz Pompa January 4, 2018
Doesn’t ever load. Blue loading circle just goes round and round but never loads

January 9, 2018
I have the app already installed. I go to it and it does not post current episodes from days. I go to google it has it posted but I go back to app to open episode and it just shows the 4th as the newest one not the 8th !