Android Tentkotta Reviews

Prasanna Rajan November 15, 2017
Terrible app. Whenever you sit down to watch a movie, the video just buffers despite on a higher speed network. Tried it on Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, App and web. It just buffers every time. I suspect they keep on adding users and don’t upgrade their servers. Also submitted a cancellation request and yet to hear from these guys.

Varalakshmi Ramanarayanan December 24, 2017
It was good last year. But now they are forcing to purchase it with sun nxt which I don’t want. They said they have unsubscribed me so I can purchase just the movies but I am not able to do. So I have to purchase it with sun nxt. But it am not even able to view any channel. I tried calling the customer service number. But no one picks up the phone. I sent email to the customer care. The response is so slow. I am not happy with this app.

Sivek M December 1, 2017
Waste of time to comment on this app. Oh wait!!!! No didn’t work, I stand corrected

Charles Samuelraj December 18, 2017
Two seperate apps(Lyca pro+tentkotta) required to view channels and tv. Forwarding and rewinding in tentkotta is so annoying using remote.

Tentkotta June 28, 2015
Hi, Will you please revise your rating after using latest version (1.35) of this app?

Mani MJ December 10, 2017
Navigation is terrible. Cant select anything not visible by default.

sekar selvam November 21, 2017
Pls don’t download, need to subscribe and pay. But we can’t find the page. Waste of time…

Ramesh Narayanaswamy November 14, 2017
Lyca TV music sucks…’s really a useless painful experience watching Lyca Music in Tentkotta.

muthu vembu December 30, 2017
This app is really good for watching movies in 4k with 5.1 audio. I strongly suggest them to add video songs collections for the movie

anantha theerthan December 16, 2017
it tells to subscribe .but it is not helping to subscribe tentkotta

feroz hameed December 16, 2017
Customer support is not good

Mohamed Rashad December 23, 2017
Please make a option to subscribe Tentkotta via Google Play Store!

Mohamed Imthiyaz December 8, 2017
Weste weste app

madhu sudhanan October 17, 2017
Great app

Arun Ramadevan October 7, 2017
This app doesn’t have option to skip the adds during movie intermission

Bharath K August 18, 2017
Below par app. Chromecast doesn’t work also smart TV app. Did not subscribe for annual plan otherwise waste of time and money.

Vijay Mohan July 26, 2017
Since last couple of months, the casting to Chromecast is broken. It keeps disconnecting every 15 mins. Please fix asap!!

Srinivasan Hariharan August 14, 2017
Keep on crashing டெண்டு கோட்டா பெயருக்கு ஏத்த quality

Anu Krithiga S September 12, 2017
Best app to watch movies. It’s good if you have a annual plan.

Vignesh Bala September 19, 2017
Facebook login doesn’t even works. Poor UI.

bala beddhannan June 28, 2017
Just plain does not work with Chromecast on Android….can do a lot better…..

Daraan Nithiy May 28, 2017
Movies don’t play in Web or chromecast

AntirisK AK January 29, 2017
Scandalous company. They charged immediately but my login was never possible. They refused to solve the problem and finally had to escalate with PayPal to get my refund. So PLEASE STAY AWAY. You can contact me for any proof of my situation which is very recent (Jan 2017).

Murali Nagarajan November 10, 2016
Not working on TV YouTube is able to get all the devices and cast but this app is not even recognize many device . Email response to issue is slow. Why not just demo for day to see if you are working. .weird system. I love the quality but if you can’t stream , what’s the point. ..sad

Raja Subramanian November 26, 2016
Very slow streaming Dissappointed with recent quality…no response from support.not sure if the team is really looking into it or not.

Gowtham JS January 6, 2017
Worst app When I play a video it plays upside down, there is no full support for landscape mode. I am going to unregister this pathetic service and uninstall this useless app.

Anand K January 21, 2017
App needs some serious rewriting. User interface is not mobile friendly in this day and age

Aswin Dwarakanath November 4, 2016
5.1 Chromecast 5.1 is still not working through Chromecast.

Azhagarasan Annadorai February 11, 2017
2 new movies every week 🙂 awesome app for tamil movie buffs…

Yegammai Ramu February 21, 2017
Very nice

Parthiban Ravindran October 28, 2016
Frequently crashes Of late the app crashes immediately upon launch and while scrolling the movies list horizontally. This happens in Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Please fix this issue ASAP

Ravichandran Duraisamy October 29, 2016
Need more updates Not stable, search feature need quite good upgrade, movie group need more update. I am not seeing any updates. Most of the users use mobile app. If this continues competition might take over.

Bhuvaneswari Ganesan October 30, 2016
Mobile app crashes on horizontal scrolling The app crashes everytime when scrolling horizontally on Samsung Galaxy s6 edge.

September 11, 2016
Learn from Herotalkies Just moved from Herotalkies to Tentkotta. The search functionality in tentkotta is terrible. Most of the time you just don’t know the movie name, you just wanted to browse and pick a movie. Herotalkies groups or sorts by year, alpha etc in both android and ipad. Get a functionality like that. Get a better UI.

Lushootseed October 1, 2016
Miles to go Search is horrible. Website is slow. Movies at times buffers a lot. Only comfort is that I am supporting legal streaming

Radhakrishnan Saba September 21, 2016
Good app but needs improvement It works really well with Google Chromecast. I am unable to search for films with app but it works only from laptop.

Jayendranath Krishnamoorthy September 24, 2016
Not working in google TV Not supported in google TV. Opens movie list which you cannot browse or click. The recent upgrade screwed it.

Madhav Ramkumar October 15, 2016
Improved a lot Need more category to browse, by actor, by genre, etc.

silambarasan Balu September 3, 2016
App is nice Pls keep optimizing

Mahatharan Kathalingam August 7, 2016

siraj siraj August 17, 2016
Hi Nice app

Sathak Sathak August 23, 2016
Sathak Good

Dheepakk Jayaraj July 27, 2016
One of great app it’s really good app and worth for paying for new movies and they do have hd songs and comedy serials they are giving good service

seenivasakan s August 7, 2016
Worst app. Always gets disconnected while watching movies.

Ruban Kn June 5, 2016
I had my previous version of this app which was working fine , after upgrading to the new version i am not able to view the images on the movie icons. I am using vizio co-star player ( Google TV player). Please suggest me on this , how to fix it.

Yuvaraj S June 25, 2016
Unfortunately has stopped Unfortunately has stopped – I have not been able to view movies on my android phone for the lasr 1 month..images are also not appearing on the title buttons

Ganesan Rajaraman May 21, 2016
Not there yet 1. When I see details of one movie, please allow me to see next movie (swipe gestures) without making me go back to main screen again. 2. Let me resume from where I left off

Narayanan G May 30, 2016
Very Disappointed. Did not save current viewing position. Does not even have a “Continue Watching” Section. Landscape mode is broken after chrome-casting. Search seems to be broken too.

Navin G V July 16, 2016
Not working at all. It only shows the blank screen. I have sent the screenshot to the tentkotta fb chat.

Surya Avantsa July 7, 2016
1. If you can’t get us Telugu movies on a regular basis, then we want Hindi movies. The subscription was for 2 languages, at least. 2. We want to watch the movies on the Android phone using the Google Cardboard viewer. It would appear like watching this movie on an IMAX HD theater.

October 14, 2015
New version of app fixes history list in descending order.

Sudharsan Srinivasan July 4, 2016
Movie stops intermittently Movie stops intermittently and had to restart the app again and again.

shilpa raghavachar June 11, 2016
no display picture no play button;app is not working at all after updating

rajakumar appulingam July 22, 2016
High quality movies Any movie buff should have this app. Cheap but HD quality movies. Comes with in 2 weeks of release. Awesome!

Nithya Ashok June 8, 2016
Not updating new movies continously. .just adding one or two movies per month. .regret buying annual membership

Rama Krishnan Kesavan June 25, 2016
Not working It stopped working in samsung smart tv…..Ahhh

Ohm Prakash May 22, 2016
Best app ever for watching Tamil movies All movies are of great quality

Partha C July 7, 2016
Very buggy app and no frequent update of movies.

Subramanian Arumugam May 20, 2016
Horrible application Fire TV app crashes, Android app is buggy. Not able to report issues

Vinoth Babu May 10, 2016
Good Movies but App… terrible Tentkotta movies are really good quality but app is terribly. Almost every time i get error fetching data

chand sri May 8, 2016
Super Search movie option not working on phones and tablets

Aravindakshan Parthasarathy May 1, 2016
Could be soo much better I love tentkotta. I love watching legal Tamizh movies in good print, and not on some pop up filled website. But man can you guys improve your software! There are so many seemingly small things that are super annoying. Like, subtitles work on phone or laptop, but not when it’s chromecast! Some movies load on roku and on the computer but not on the phone app (currently Sethupathi is like that for me). Movies crash on roku intermittently. You guys have the potential to be awesome. Please work on it.

Harrish Mugundhan July 3, 2016
Horrible Half of the time sound doesn’t work. If paid, we need better features

syed moosa April 8, 2016
Chrome cast works great! I love your service!

Udayakumari Thommandram March 28, 2016
Good website.Buggy app

sangeetha Vijayakumar February 25, 2016
Never works in Google Tv

March 3, 2016
Can you explain what is not working? Can you also report issue under settings page so that we can look into the issue?

Hemanthkumar selamselam February 5, 2016
Good app but can be better. This is really good app with all the new Tamil movies. But one problem with this app is the subtitles work only on phone, when I cast on Chromecast subtitles disappears. If they can fix it I would go for 5.

Lingamoorthy Mathiazagan March 3, 2016
Good but has a drawback App is good and designed well. Subtitles are not working when I cast a movie to Google chromecast and I see subtitles if I play from your website. Please see if this could be fixed

nagharajan raghavendran November 27, 2015
Issue with App Update Nov 27,2015 App still doesn’t work with Google TV.The app used work fine before Jul 1,2015 release now not able to see any Video post that update. Have to use the browser to watch movies. Means this app is of no use unless updated and no full screen. Worst thing is TentKotta doesn’t follow up.. I am still using the dumb browser which cannot give out a full screen. Last updated on Aug 13,2015 – Doesn’t work yet

Apps looks great. but some of bad user experiences a) We are not able to scroll between right and left in google TV. b) Trick play(fast forward or rewind) is not supported, which exiting from play mode.

Girinath Mohan December 24, 2015
No sound with latest update No audio when Movies are chromecasted using the app. It used to work before…

January 25, 2016
Did you enable dolby sound in Settings screen? If yes, can you disable it and try again?

December 9, 2015
Good Works well with roku and lg flex.

kumar Jai December 5, 2015
Good App. Works brilliant

Rohith Vardha November 18, 2015
No Subtitle Options

Mohan Pittala November 20, 2015
No subtitles

February 2, 2016
Subtitle support is added in latest version.

Rakesh Ashok November 3, 2015
Tabs not showing movies in correct order and correct content Recently added section should display movies added recently from all categories instead it is showing some random tamil movies and that too does not include new releases and other languages. Also in all the categories give us option to sort movies by date when the movie was added by alphabet by year etc. These will help in finding movies.

suresh m October 19, 2015
Error fetching movies App has gone mad.. Not working.. Always coming as “error fetching movies”.. Uninstalling it…

Sundar Ramanathan October 21, 2015
Error fetching movies I am getting error fetching movies for most of the time

Stalin Selvam October 5, 2015
Search can be made better… Quality of movies are best, search needs help and improvement… pls

Kash Srirangan September 28, 2015
Unable to try before buy I wanted to check the quality of films (preview/trailer) through this app before subscribe. App not letting me do it. When I try to login I get a message “Please subscribe”. May be it’s not the app but it looks like not enough technical knowledge in Tentkotta which can enable preview but block watching full movies without subscription. Either way I’m not comfortable to subscribe without checking the quality through this app. As it will be my primary software to watch movies.

Srinath Ramakrishnan September 18, 2015
Really appreciate the service you guys bring in. App works great, but needs the option of toggling subtitles on and off and casting video on TV via chromecast. I may be looking at the wrong place though, please correct me if I am wrong. Covers look stretched and the rewind button does not work since it pushes the video forward 10 secs. *Update* Issue seems to have been resolved. The rewind button works and there is an option to play the movie from the beginning. Awesome work guys! By the same merit, can you also have a look at the Samsung SmartTV App? None of the movies seem to play and new releases are also not shown. A very useful feature would be the option to search movies.

October 14, 2015
Don’t you see search icon in the app?

Vijay Swami September 27, 2015
Very nice app to watch latest movies on TV

Rajesh G August 20, 2015
Need more improvement The movie play crashes if skipped at the end of movie. Expecting more features

Shankar Thangavelu July 26, 2015
Good to watch movies on android, but the pain is being not able to forward or rewind The forward and rewind option donot work in android which is a pain while watching movies. The movie stops in between and donot move further. Plz fix this.

July 27, 2015
Hi, Please enable “Settings” -> “Use fast streaming” for better experience related to forward/rewind buttons