Android VMA TV – GIFs with sounds Reviews

Phil December 13, 2017
Dreadful sign in process that has a “studio sign in” but no way to create an account requiring you to link to social media, which is garbage. While the premise is cool, the forced linking to social media to scrape your personal data and friends is unacceptable.

Creative Collective, LLC December 13, 2017
Hello Phil – The studio email login is only available for public studio accounts. We also use social Google and Facebook logins to reduce login friction and/or password errors for users. We appreciate your feedback and want to hear any other comments. Email us at for a studio account. Tks

Lucy Soboleva November 4, 2017
Great app! Loved it. Wish more people knew about it

Charlotte Pennington November 5, 2017
Awesome app. Everything you need in one

Nikola Samardzija October 22, 2017
Wow, all media in one app! Cool features, pure entertainment.

Jana Grujic October 17, 2017
Finally someome builds an entertainment app that entertains!!

October 17, 2017
Awesome app!!

October 10, 2017
Great experiences with this app.

Nikola Kosanovic October 6, 2017
Love it!

Mike Prystowsky October 4, 2017
. I’m 65 yrs old and even for an old guy this sucker is awesome. Easy and intuitive. 5 stars+++.

shawn fitzpatrick October 3, 2017
This app is about to revolutionize the way we look at media forever

Barak Messina October 3, 2017
A revolutionary mobile media renaissance !

Jamaar Cormier October 3, 2017
pretty pretty pretty good

Brian Palmer October 3, 2017
This is the future!

karthik hourband October 2, 2017
The Best Entertainment Experience on the Planet. I Can’t believe this App. You can clip and remix from tv !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is crazy.

Xuni Dar September 14, 2015
Phantasm Music Videos very nice and amazing app to use well done developers

Furqan khan September 15, 2015
good i like it. wonderful graphics

alexis the depressed nerd October 2, 2015
Not showing… Dosen’t load when tapping “Upload”.

DEEPAK KUMAR August 25, 2015
Perfect tool for the fun lovers.

Seno Anjoyo September 7, 2015
Nice app

Brad Hoover August 1, 2015
GIF + Music = Fun A great way to creatively express yourself by mashing gifs and music.

October 3, 2017
Super addictive app. Make videos real fast. Great music gifs movies and shows. A new way to express yourself thru music. Highly recommend this app to anyone.

Neal Jim August 25, 2015
Satisfied. There are so many sound clips and gifs to choose from. They are really awesome.

Ian Aruasa January 16, 2016
Guys don’t download this app..its useless…the high ratings are because few people have downloaded it…please let’s not install this app

Jhon Albert
Wow Thats awesome app for music nd video l like it.

A Google User August 25, 2015
Its very much user friendly. Never crashes.

Uroš Titović October 16, 2017
Music and GIFs in one! Very good user experience! Love it

Jovan Rudić October 8, 2017
Good work!!

Mike Maldo October 19, 2017
Great app!

Daniel Kaufmann August 21, 2015
Lots of fun

Dean Myatt August 8, 2015