Android CraveTV Reviews

Jessica Ross December 12, 2017
Enjoying all the shows and happy that it is compatible with Chromecast. But there are 2 major issues which make viewing annoyong: 1. It does not automatically play the next episode. Often times if you two “next” it replays the one you just watched. Automatic play would be great. 2. The app will not shut down. No matter what you do. You literally have to restart your phone to make it close.

Michael Pabai November 9, 2017
The app is just needs updating . Its chromecast compatibility is terrible. No cc and doesn’t play next video. Please fix. WE WILL LIKE TO SUPPORT OUR OWN BUT YOU HAVE TO MAKE CRAVETV MORE USER FRIENDLY. WE WANT TO SAY BYE NETFLIX BUT IT’S THE ONLY CHOICE RIGHT NOW.

Bell Media Inc. November 11, 2017
I’ve passed your feedback along to our developers team. We are working diligently to improve our service and will post updates soon!

Kyle Zimmerman December 22, 2017
Crashes often and Chromecast support is awful. Even when it doesn’t crash, the app disconnects from the Chromecast so you can no longer pause and the app doesn’t get updated on which episodes you’ve seen. Also doesn’t support Google Home play/pause/rewind like every other streaming service.

Oleksandr Galkin November 28, 2017
Netflix version, proudly made in Canada. You can register only from computer, app doesn’t work. No episode selection on smart TV, you start next episode after you finish previous one, how about that. There is no pause, for God’s sake. If you start scrolling, you can’t stop it unless you go back to menu. Poor quality of videos.

Jordon Hennessey December 3, 2017
This application has a lot of potential but there are still some problems that other users have complained about such as streaming from Chromecast with a smartphone. I really hope this team can get more resources to tighten this application and program up so that it can function as flawlessly as comparable program such as Netflix and can’t create more jobs for Canadians while offering solid content. I look forward to seeing your team tighten this up and making it more user-friendly / seamless. I need to be more specific I’m experiencing incredible lag when streaming from my phone

Raymond Gigl December 21, 2017
Great content however I am very puzzled as to why the poor video casting and controls have not been remedied. Honestly I see nothing but bad reviews and there is no urgency about making the crave tv experience better. They are pretty much just saying takeitnor leave it. If this won’t get fixed soon, putlocker it is.

Kirsti Cordell November 1, 2017
Well if you have under-privileged high school remedial students programming this app for extra credit, then kudos I’m sorry for hating the constant disconnecting from Chromcast and terrible interface. They did their best. If you actually paid programmers for this…guys…thats just sad.

November 14, 2017
This has always been dodgy at best. Because I like the shows it offers I put up with substandard delivery – you can’t even use a Bluetooth speaker with it. But now it stopped working altogether on my desktop – not allowing me to sign in and directing me to some confusing mess that doesn’t help. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. What an embarrassment for Canada’s great communications giant.

Xavier Richard November 14, 2017
Paid for subscription only to figure out app crashes at the point where I have to sign in to watch the first episode of a series. Extremely dissapointed with a poorly built product. I was looking forward to the great line up Crave TV had vs Netflix.

A Soltes October 16, 2017
Adding to the long line of complaints, doesn’t recognize postal code, city, etc., at attempts for sign-up and then freezes. So far I haven’t even gotten past the signing up! Hope it changes I would love to subscribe.

Bell Media Inc. October 17, 2017
Hi there. Please give us a call at 1-888-272-8388 so we can look into this for you. Thank you.

November 15, 2017
S8+ app is low definition only. Also has a playback issue where audio is not synced to video. Makes even the greatest shows ever made, become unwatchable. Very expensive cost per month subscription considering this is at best a beta release. Bell should pay you to use the service.

Oswaldo Ramones January 2, 2018
It is officially the worst app I’ve ever used on Android. Constantly crashing and prompting me to rewrite my login information makes it unbearable. Although compatible with Chromecast, customization options are seldom. Poor work Bell. You can do better

Bell Media Inc. January 5, 2018
We’d like to help! Mind sending an email to or calling 1-888-272-8388 so we can look into this for you? Thank you!

peter Halpine
Chromecast issues are brutal, no point in paying once my free trial is over because I can’t watch anything. I wish there was a decent alternative to Netflix. Really dropping the ball, Bell media

Cat Zadeh November 23, 2017
Terrible compatibility with chromecast. Extremely glitchy. I beg you not to waste your money on CraveTV… it’s so frustrating, and it just upset me more than entertained me 🙁 such a shame because Canada doesn’t have much to choose from when it comes to streaming services.

Connor Quinn November 30, 2017
Couldnt even sign up for a free trial the process was so slow and overcomplicated and just wouldnt accept my information. Not worth anybodys time to try to make a free account that wont work

Jean Chretien November 13, 2017
Great content but the app is a mess. The app crashes everytime I try to cast to chromecast. Also if you cast to a device there is no autoplay next episode so you have to find the next episode on the device and manually press play. There is no option to cast before playing video too you have to play the video and then cast. I love the selection of tv shows and movies but the app is a huge pain in the ass to use if you intend on casting.

Nadine Hanneson December 18, 2017
Excellent programming but the app itself is terrible on Chromecast. It won’t play the next episode and the app disconnects when streaming from your phone so you cannot pause/stop the episode without restarting the episode from the beginning. There are so many issues it almost makes it not worth it.

Alan Chambers December 9, 2017
After the latest update, I get an “unknown error” whenever I try to play something. The cast button also doesn’t show up until you try to play a video. Not sure if this is just a OnePlus issue or if it’s the same on other devices.

dustin kullman December 13, 2017
Poor performance when used with chrome cast. Constant buffering and freezes. Other streaming apps I use do not have this problem. Reading other places seems that this problem of bad performance has been known for quite a while!

Ricky Hoben December 27, 2017
This app has so many bugs it’s not even funny! I can’t believe that Bell Media hasn’t injected more ressources into fixing the multiple issues this app. The app has potential if it didn’t have that many bugs. 🙁

Matt Ashley October 25, 2017
App is garbage. Doesn’t consistently remember which episode I watched last.. doesn’t work with ad blocker enabled. Why do you need all the tracking urls Bell? Ui isn’t good either.

Tavia Langenkamp December 9, 2017
They need to make an app for Android TV or PS4, because this app never works. Guess I’ll cancel my subscription because they aren’t using the funds to make things work.

Joel November 28, 2017
1 year later and no fixes. still the app doesn’t work with Bluetooth headsets if it’s connected before opening the app. Still no Roku support. Closed Captions still not available for chromecast. Also still Heavy data use when LTE Streaming

Bell Media Inc. November 24, 2016
Hi Joel! Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Please call us in at 1-888-272-8388 so we can resolve this for you. Thanks! ^RA

Désireé December 5, 2017
Horrible app. You advertised commercial free tv, yet, there is a crave tv commercial at the beginning of an episode? Doesn’t work well with Chromecast and disconnects while watching . No fast forward or rewind option. No option to automatically play next episode and always brings me back to season1. Netflix app is better. UPDATE: can no longer sign in on 3 of my 4 devices after crave app update. Tried signing in through web address also. No luck. Called Crave directly and received horrible customer service and no solution to my problem. What a waste of time. Customer satisfaction is obviously not their priority.

Aaron Green
“Casting to bluetooth A2dp” shows up every time i try to watch a show. Ive never casted from my phone. Sure glad I’m paying for a service thats completely unusable. Thanks guys.

Rick Dupuis October 19, 2017
This app used to be good… Now it’s forcing me to install another app without explanation. In this day and age of everyone trying to hack everyone else it’s bad form to do this. Good thing I don’t pay for the service.

Ajay Rash December 5, 2017
It doesn’t work when using Bluetooth speakers or headphones. The app as a whole is awful, but with so many phones shipping without a aux port, not being able to use Bluetooth headphones makes it unusable, not simply very poor. It’s a shame as the content is actually pretty decent.

Fred Béland January 5, 2018
Immediate crash on Asus K013 tab. When casting to Chromecast, can launch show, but then cannot pause. Doesn’t remember last show watched. Cannot select show page from my cravings, only last episode watched, which is often already watched because of prior crashes. Poor.

Bell Media Inc. April 26, 2016
Hi Fred. We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties. Please give us a call at 1-888-272-8388 so we can fix this ASAP!

Francisco Peralta December 30, 2017
The app has as many bugs and malfunctions as TV series it offers. The app logs you out all the time. There is no FireTV support, even though they say they offer it in the webpage. No Roku support. And the Chormecast support is lacking all the basics. The monthly price is decent, but if you want to watch on TV you are better downloading from other places and using something else.

Petr Raisigl December 26, 2017
They really need to work on this app… Sometimes the UI is glitchy, you have to keep closing and reopening the app for it to work correctly. No subtitles when casting shows on the TV and the quality of the video is inconsistent to say the least. It freezes, buffers all the time and it’s just not usable… Unlike Netflix, which works flawlessly on both my Chromecasts… It’s a shame cause the show selection is nice.

December 7, 2017
Most recently the app keeps telling me to sign-in when I have just done so. It happens when I go to play an episode of a show. Very annoying. But before this issue, the app worked great.

Amanda Burr December 27, 2017
Great content poor app. Wow! This app is so frustrating… Will it work or won’t it work when you want to watch something?! It’s like flipping a damn coin. Seriously fix the playback issues and get up to the Netflix app standards.

January 6, 2018
Thanks for the quick reply. My only real gripe is Roku support, and no auto play next episode, definite 5 stars once those 2 features are added. Other than that, works great. 👍

Bell Media Inc. January 5, 2018
Our team is working hard to bring CraveTV to more devices. We’ll post updates soon on new platform additions. Stay tuned! 🙂

Bob Waller October 22, 2017
I have tried several times to add my payment information to no success. I have never had this problem with any other app. I am very disappointed.

Mark Rollins November 26, 2017
Video playback no longer works since I upgraded to Android Oreo on my oneplus 3T. Now I always get “unknown error” when I try to play a show. Meanwhile Netflix and YouTube work fine.

lisa Kaine
App functionality it terrible. I like they have some options you don’t see on Netflix. That’s great. Its annoying when you hit back, no matter what the season you’re in, you go back to season 1. Would be great if there was some ratings for the show. Also, what about autoplay! Can’t see what show you watched last. This app is not user friendly. Or intuitive to function.

Heather Stephenson November 5, 2017
We had crave tv when it first came out about 2 years ago. In comparison to other streaming sites it sucked. We just got it again and nothing has changed! It crashes at least 4 times before we can even select a show, after logging in at least 7 or 8 times. It times out all the time. There is no continuous play between episodes. It is very glitchy. Nothing has changed! It is disappointing as it has amazing content. Too bad the content is not viewable due to the horrible platform.

Graham T November 8, 2017
Crave tv is not good but ok but I’m being nice. The app crashes more then windows 95. If you watch on the website it is very slow to load and when ever you pause the player it turns subtitles on. Would I recommend it NO don’t waste your money. I got it so I could watch discovery wasn’t worth it at all.

Mike Fehrenbach January 5, 2018
Tried this app again as I think the content is great. Hate that I need to call in to get an email to reset my password. Called to have it reset. With my updated password I couldn’t click the sign in button as it kept flickering when trying to click it. The app thought I was trying reset my password somehow. Need to call them again now. Just an awful user experience

December 13, 2017
Love the shows but your app needs work. Time to make it work better with chromecast. Needs to keep better track of shows watched and the only app I’ve ever seen that keeps the show running even though I’ve turned off my phone. Bizzare.