Android Toon Goggles Cartoons for Kids Reviews

Daniel Kessler December 23, 2017
I like this app but recently it has been acting up like when I select an episode an it just loads and loads and then it just goes back to the menu

Ayanda Msutwana December 10, 2017
Unable to register doesn’t allow me to

Toon Goggles, Inc. December 10, 2017
Sorry to hear you had a problem. Please contact us at to see if we can help!

Jonie Brazell June 27, 2017
I think you need to come up with something else it’s stupid it don’t work I think it sucks

Flaming Puppy January 19, 2017
It don’t work

Toon Goggles, Inc. December 10, 2017
Sorry to hear you had a problem. Please contact us at to see if we can help! Please ensure you have the latest version.

Jennell Delapaz July 16, 2017
It is a great app but some times it logs me out

Toon Goggles, Inc. December 10, 2017
Hi Jennell. Sorry you are having issues. Logout only occurs if you haven’t used the app in a long time. Please test the latest version where we have made this logout time much longer.

February 6, 2017
it’s OK

David Portillo April 17, 2017
Awesome app!!!! 👍

daredevil tresca February 8, 2016
Unable to view videos Keep getting error message

Toon Goggles, Inc. August 24, 2016
Please try again with latest version

Mel Bee January 15, 2016
Hmm *** added extra stars for quick responses Cant figure out tg radio **** well found out it’s only available for the US.*** my daughter likes the toon app.

Jody Swenson December 9, 2015
Great app for kids My nephew and nieces love this!

Afsal Abdul Nazar October 20, 2015
Toon goggles

Robert Knowles August 27, 2015
Keep in mind, this is designed for ages 3-12. There is zero violence or questionable content. I have three kids in this age group and they absolutely love this app. They can create art or their own animation. They can learn different things and languages. Of course there are cartoons and games. Plus they have their own kid-friendly streaming music service. I cannot say enough good things about this app. And it’s free! You can upgrade to the paid version and get rid of all the commercials. The complaints about video issues; Toongoggles is a high-end app and as such you do need a good quality device to view it properly. Cheaper phones and tablets will not be able to display some content correctly just as an older computer would not be able to run most programs that newer generation computers can.

Platonic Sidekick August 28, 2015
Stupid You have to buy it to do anything DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Toon Goggles, Inc. August 24, 2016
The app is 100% free to use with COPPA compliant advertising

Tara Cochran September 10, 2015
Sucks Don’t. Work

Toon Goggles, Inc. August 24, 2016
Please try the latest version

Patricia West July 27, 2015
Videos stopped playing It was a good app until the all videos starting showing a black screen and an error message “videos can not play.” Will reinstall and rate the app better once the bug is fixed.

Toon Goggles, Inc. August 24, 2016
Please try again with latest version

Martina G August 19, 2015
Best app ever Being a single mother can be a difficult task, but thanks to this amazing app, my life just got a bit easier. All I can say is, why couldn’t I find this app 3 years ago. I definitely recommend this.

Shay Hobbs July 6, 2015
what in the heck no matter what video i try to play for my daughter, it tells me the video is “not available” … what is this? why even have the application if it wont do what it is supposed to? fix it, that is ridiculous

Toon Goggles, Inc. August 24, 2016
Please try again with latest version

Sierra Edwards June 28, 2015
Not so great Well the best cartoon is spongebob and it’s not on there y’all should really get that on there

FireFlyFox August 9, 2015
It is stupid It doesn’t load up for me and I can watch anything

Toon Goggles, Inc. August 24, 2016
Please try again with latest version

Christiana Philemond August 16, 2015
Wow! This is amazing,mindblowing and a wonderful app this is a must-download!!!😂😂😂

Erika Mcclain July 21, 2015
Good app Depends on the phone or elrvtronic u have

Aden Jones August 10, 2015
Get ir Love it

Abdulaziz Omar August 10, 2015

Creepy Pasta! June 16, 2015
The only reason I installed this app was to watch ‘inazuma eleven’ but couldn’t find it there. Other than that can’t even make an ID!

Jada Butler May 13, 2015
Luv it The best for kids

April 8, 2015
Perfect and the ads are quick at the beginning

Shanetta Terry March 7, 2015
I love the app. Perfect for my son and me too. Soooo cool and overrated. Best app thus far. Best app thus far.

Amanda Peters September 11, 2014
Enjoyable, kid friendly and safe! My 11 yr old has been using Toon Goggles for a year, I was skeptical at first I hadn’t heard of any of the toons. However she watches Toon Goggles whenever she can and loves it. After 2 months as a free user and seeing how much enjoyment she was getting we went ahead and became premium members, a decision I’ve never regretted. Customer services are second to none, quick to reply & resolve any issue. There are cartoons for all ages. I highly recommended Toon Goggles, you won’t be disappointed.

Amari Koonce December 30, 2014
Kurio-phone I love this app because I had it for a year and it hasn’t had a bug yet and I love it because you can get it on any kind of technology keep up the good work! – amari

Joseph Erle August 4, 2014
Easy to use and lots of content Great app for kids. Download it!

Isa Bel December 29, 2014
Lovebit Because I had it on my kurio and now I can use it on my tablet

Lisa Solvsten January 6, 2015
Best game ever!!!!!! It has games music and videos

Tamika groneveldt February 12, 2015
Great for my little sister She loves it watches it every day

Up&running Siaraga December 13, 2014
You Mama

Abigail Calacsan September 10, 2014
I hope my kids will enjoy it

Tamari Ingram September 24, 2014
So awesome I love it so cool

gabnatoli15 October 5, 2014
i love it my daugjter on her meep she loved it when she got her phone she got it

Sherryl Cascella September 7, 2014
Toon goolges Entertaining

Kino Moss November 3, 2014
A+++ KIDS APP!! Love everything about this. Great idea and great delivery! !!

salah eddine zero September 19, 2014
I Love it

sahil butt August 21, 2014

Daizah Seaton August 25, 2014

Sarah Sabo July 10, 2014

Rosalinda Gomez July 5, 2014
Gool Good

salman qutab
mujtaba this is fine app but not marvellous because in this app there should be all type of cartoons

Rodrick Sims June 22, 2014
Things Funny sad mushy

aisha hanif June 22, 2014
Good! but too slow to download.

Alissa Aragon June 23, 2014
Toon gogles Love ittttttttttttttttttt omg best app ever

Erica coles December 15, 2013
IT DO NOT work! the videos work but a few seconds they stop!But the games work.

August 24, 2016
Please try the latest version

robert febrier April 12, 2014
Im deleting daddys acount cause arian wont share the rating But I still like toon googles but im angry at arian

Haseeb Mian March 2, 2014
It sucks Worst app ever inveted in history

Daniel Hagouel January 26, 2014
Best app for cartoons ever! Better than YouTube. Watch 100% safe childrens programming.

The Kids SportsNetwork June 6, 2014
Great app, so much fun. I love cartoons and I wasn’t let down by their selection and its all free!!

noah rowe December 22, 2013
cool Because I get to wauch MONK.

Tianna Saunders February 9, 2014
I like it And it doesn’t take long to download

Katlyn Henson January 12, 2014
Yay This app out cutes kittens

Luna Wolfie December 28, 2013
I can not download the app

Tyler Bailey August 9, 2013
Great for my kids lol I’m a kid EPIC I GOT TOON BOOM TO!!!

mysticblaz e June 11, 2014
Awesome I can watch tv away from home

Dhara Veervani January 11, 2014
Good Good.slowly download it hope it works नाईसली.

Lemont Agnew
I love itl Its on my kurio

Altair Caleja April 30, 2014
Happy with app Its a app that a child want to have

Cynthia Opoku February 4, 2014
Summary Commet

Nida Khan August 9, 2013
Nida k

Trinity Morton March 11, 2014
Congratulations You

Brittany Huff November 25, 2013
Okn Okkkkkk

Jiri Holmes October 18, 2013
Crazy Stupidity

Chris Morton March 11, 2014
I Love monster city

Bahaa Zeidan June 11, 2014
Peppa pig It is nice

Isabelle Bryant January 28, 2014
I love toon gogles

Keinya Crook February 23, 2014
Look cool Also fun

breadloaf slimes February 7, 2014
Cool I love it

Toni micklewright April 7, 2014

wewe murphy February 6, 2014
It amazing for my 4/5/6/year&7

Rosalva Garcia February 23, 2014

Brendan Pollitz July 15, 2013
Best Family App Ever Never bored always something great and safe the kids.

himanshu patidar March 29, 2013
For all ages… quite true Loved it , unique and well crafted toons.

Wayne Cawley April 24, 2013
Toon google Never plays the video

August 10, 2014
Please try newer versions.

Nigel Itar May 18, 2013
Nice work Keep the great job

A Google User April 18, 2013

Nayan Hazarika April 25, 2013

Ava Lucas March 31, 2013
Ugh It’s good but I try to unlock the extra videos it would not let me . Do not download it.;(

paul gibson February 10, 2013
good works a charm on my cheapo cyclone voager

Adam Roebuck December 14, 2012
Crap Ya need to buk up ya self vids dnt even play FOOLS

August 24, 2016
Please try the latest version

Arsal Asher December 26, 2012
Nice app Good. But some annoying bugs at my xperia p

Orlanda Azevedo March 21, 2015
Crashes and cannot be played I would have to sit through ads to be told the video cannot be played or it would freeze in the ad waste of time

August 24, 2016
Please try again with latest version

Patricia P Phillips February 22, 2015
Hate game I hate this game because I got on the radio and I tried to turn it off but it kept on playing so I deleted it

August 24, 2016
You can tap the radio button on the screen to get back to the radio screen and pause playback. Starting any video or pressing the hardware back button will also stop radio playback

Kristina Helm January 6, 2015
A daily thing to do with time I like it so far so I’m about to see what good is on

Eloise Chin October 19, 2015
Worst I hate it so much get out of you munched

MasterChhean February 28, 2013
Xperia ray An excellent app,but cannot download until get premium user.

Skilah richardson September 17, 2015

August 24, 2016
Please try the latest version

Sophia Shahryar
Worst game ever It’s way too boring

Arica H. August 5, 2015
It’s awful! I don’t recommend it.

david houghton February 1, 2013
Xperia T Works on this phone but you don’t get much if you don’t pay for it.

Niko Muñoz July 23, 2014
Good I would have rated it 5 Stars but every time I tried to sign up for it, it wouldn’t let me.

Emeterio Cabrera November 14, 2015

August 24, 2016
Please try the latest version

ThePhilPlays January 18, 2015
Good app but no good shows I couldn’t find Gravity Falls.

Eimile Stonyte August 11, 2015
Blah What a stupid app 🙁

Brenda graydon February 4, 2013
Crap Crap dosnt not download

August 24, 2016
Please try the latest version

BUNNY GAMER June 19, 2017

M. Ibrahim Khokhar Adam Ahmad September 21, 2015
It is a good app Nice but need some thing more

Ashley Orlich December 27, 2014
Nice,friendly,and good for little kids I love this app it is really good for my little sister.

Debra Isaac January 16, 2015
Love it!! I once had it on my meep and now I have it on my kurio. It’s a really great app!

judy crawford October 22, 2014
It is to borrying Poop poo

Christen Sumpter November 3, 2014
Love This App This app is awesome I’m 12 almost 13 and I watch it almost everyday awesome cartoons