Android Mavshack Reviews

Keisha San Pablo June 27, 2017
This app doesn’t work. I tried to sign up so I can use this app but it only says that I already have an acct even though it is my 1st time. But then i tried to use my number to sign in but it says its incorrect acct or password and theres a problem with my email. I don’t know guys what is going on but for me this app is sucks.

william gabriel November 30, 2017
Im using s8+ but the Android app version doesnt have live option. App keeps on closing and very slow. Not a friendly user. Totally sucks!

Bob Allanigue June 23, 2017
Unpleasant app experience and arrogant customer service.

Helbert Espinosa November 19, 2017
This app doesn’t work. I can’t see any movies. Please refund my payment.

October 2, 2017
When I’m tried to sign up but it says this app does not full version In your country 😡😡😡😡

I paid for a monthly subscription but when i tried to open it on my tablet it always says not working, restart app or close app. I will unsubscribe.

October 16, 2017
Punam mallick

iiAnti 123 August 22, 2017
Cool like to see no

November 12, 2016
U Me

Kristine Jabon July 29, 2016
The bugs! Keep on loading! Not recommend to use this app! So slow keep on loading!

Mazzi Banzuela July 12, 2016
Keeps on crashing

RM David April 25, 2016
Great App Works seamlessly.

Kristine Mae Oraiz March 1, 2016
I can’t subscribe coz it always keep crashing.please fix it

Its me Mariel January 19, 2016
Hate it Why when im signing up on facebook it always crashing 😣😖😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Cris Abrenica January 6, 2016
Disappointing Keeps on crashing.

PATRICK BALUCIO February 9, 2016
Keeps crashing and stopping wth!!!

Ricky Mejila December 29, 2015
Sucks! Keeps on crashing!

greggy villamora December 25, 2015
FELIX MANALO cannot download…. help..

L.A. Docdocil December 2, 2015
I subscribed to this but what happened after few days, as soon as I open it, it’ll says that I can’t download it. I Uninstall and reinstall but still it’s not working. What shall I do?

Mary Chan Patiu November 25, 2015
Missing episode in #Jadine The latest episode of #Jadine is not shown. Some of the episodes is not playing.

Leslie Bendicio October 3, 2015
Why i have to buy a movie?can you do it free please kahit #JaDine at wapak pleaaassee??

Dr. S Rana June 11, 2015
Bullshit not free

Akshay Kanitkar January 29, 2015
Beautiful rendition on mobile & tabs If you’ve used Mavshack website earlier, you’ll find the app pretty neat. The movie watching experience is pleasurable & without any glitches. The most awesome thing is that it works on adaptive bit rate, which adjusts the quality based on your internet speed, hence it doesn’t buffer at all.

Niko Toribio December 28, 2014
Mavshack has Potential But is still in its early stage.. Downsides are: No english subtitles, app is very slow to load, doesn’t seem to have 1080p HD, some are 4:3 aspect ratio, interface/search/categories are not user-friendly, Filipino movies are limited to Viva Films only (not a bad thing but selection is very few and half are not great), it costs $4.99/m but they charged me $5.95 for it. So this $6 subscription doesn’t compare to Netflix $7.99/m, CrunchyRoll $59.95/y (anime), DramaFever $2.90/m (sale), Viki $28.62/y (sale)

Tonie Ilano January 5, 2015
The gifted

Jonee Pabiania December 1, 2014
Mavshack app Video streaming app

Chavda Bharat October 30, 2014
West app Pooar app

Veresh Kumbar October 29, 2014
Mavshack Awesome

Ashish Kale November 5, 2014
Nice one

siddharth kirti September 26, 2014
Its a yuck aap Can u imagine…the movie MASTI….is one of d movie from the new releases ……hated it….wastage of time..mb..everything

Vishnu Vardhan October 2, 2014
Wast of time It is tagged as free app but when want to view a movie it asks for a subscription. Then how is this a free app?

M Merchant October 26, 2014
DO NOT DOWNLOAD – Its not free movies as advertised. …its 5$ subscription 🙁

HARIAUM CHOKSI October 15, 2014
Don’t download…useless app….5 $ for subscription per month …old movies no new ones

Annika Tanco August 7, 2014
Diary ng panget! Ahhhhhhh

shabbir makasar October 3, 2014
Supirior Beyond words

siva kumar September 17, 2014
Awe some

giri dharan October 10, 2014
So use&joyfull

Ghanghsh Ravi Raj September 20, 2014
Good Is the lstest app`s is the Good apps

Suvarna SV September 19, 2014
Good I want to see how it worth & it is free?

Aftab Alam June 28, 2014
Love this app Given 5 star

Vijay Shete June 27, 2014
It’s cool

Merlia Summer September 16, 2014
The best app Thank

ATHARVA Dalvi July 5, 2014
This app is the best

Yves Gaudario August 9, 2014
Beautiful I love it

Chirag Shah June 22, 2014
App is very good

Prabh Sran October 6, 2014
Wonderfull Hahahaha

Saad Memon September 8, 2014
Nice Loved it

jay pestano June 23, 2014
Like it

PRAHALAD SINGARIYA September 21, 2014
Good job

Glenmw Valenzuela August 3, 2014
Love it

Babunatarajan Iyer October 10, 2014

Baby Gequillo July 13, 2014
Love it

Jasmine Rose Beldad August 29, 2014

Abhay Yadav March 25, 2014
Excellent app! I’ve watched few movies. most of them quite new movies which i’ve missed. It’s fantastics. worth download. thanks so much.

Robert Celso April 11, 2014
Pls update this app This will be better if its available for google tv and there is no categories for comedy and action movie it just show all the movies for pinoy movies

Ketan Kale March 20, 2014
Awesome! Gr8 job…Excellent movies collection in one app!

Kishan Mallya March 25, 2014
Excellent Good app for movie lovers

Mikhail Pineda April 8, 2014
Wow I love this app

Amit Nimbalkar April 1, 2014
Amit Nimbalkar. WOW Good app ……

mau nor March 22, 2014
Mypad3 Good

Cristine dela cruz January 27, 2014
Please fix it then 5 star I paid 5 dollars for this app so I think we the costumer deserve a good movie. How come some of your movie is not working. Just gave me ( ! ) )This

Kent Brisinio February 5, 2014
euan yack

William Tj February 7, 2014
Good Good

maryjean cortes December 27, 2013
Not free Uninstall

Jowie Lopez December 27, 2013
May bayad uninstall

Jeremy Nool December 27, 2013
Nice Great

Radsxz Que November 30, 2013
Misleading Not free at all. Waste of time downloading this crap app.

harendra singh November 26, 2013
Good Nice

Jerry Lozano June 15, 2013
Filipino Movies Largest collection of Filipino Indie Films coming soon!

sajjad dalal October 28, 2014
Mavshack This program help the viewer to start again from where he stopped previously no need to view whole movie again

Rohan Patil October 31, 2014
Bloody useless It’s a paid thing and doesn’t even have good movies!!

william gaston November 19, 2014
Don’t do it It only shows movies from other countries

jenny jane Ong December 29, 2015
Fail Keeps crashing… The applications couldn’t download…

Rebecca Espuerta January 9, 2016

Emjhei Quiddam December 31, 2015
Keeps on crashing! Useless.

kurlstein famme colorado December 4, 2014
Sucks Didn’t work

amrat bhai rana November 2, 2014
Amrat rana phadpura jalore bhinmal

Kubendiran gr October 9, 2014
I cannot watch the movie

Majid Fadaei December 9, 2014
کمی سخت باز میشن چرا

Rebecca Espuerta January 9, 2016

Emjhei Quiddam December 31, 2015
Keeps on crashing! Useless.

kurlstein famme colorado December 4, 2014
Sucks Didn’t work

amrat bhai rana November 2, 2014
Amrat rana phadpura jalore bhinmal

Kubendiran gr October 9, 2014
I cannot watch the movie

Majid Fadaei December 9, 2014
کمی سخت باز میشن چرا

Ashwin Gohil September 17, 2014
May be good I am not interested.

Yoon Eun Hye January 2, 2016
How to i cant watch gelix manalo..

John Elliott November 22, 2014
No english language available

Shakir Shaikh October 3, 2014
Shakir S raza

Recto Christopher February 1, 2016
Inc Felex manalo

Anil Anil October 11, 2014
Kanha It supar

Ahmed Shaikh November 7, 2014
Ahmed shaikh azmi

jakie shain January 22, 2015
Bestapp I likethisapp

Reah Malubay October 27, 2013
Movie Not free

RamBabu Karnati October 1, 2014
Very bad.

Sheryl Cagud January 7, 2015
I Cant download I cant download in my phone package file invalid!!!!!

Pradeep Dhillon September 23, 2014
i couldn’t dowload

Rohit Gupta October 27, 2014
Don’t download

amy melijor October 27, 2014
can’t install

DS DEVU NAIK October 6, 2014
Supper Within minute will be download it’s good

manoj chhetri November 6, 2014
Supppppppper What app down……all.

RoopLal Bhawra November 3, 2014
R L Bhawra V nice

Aadil Paray September 26, 2014
Fabulous This app is simply wow

Triselyn Allayban January 6, 2015
Tris Games

Asif Mehmood Asif October 12, 2017
ilove you

Ritesh Upadhyay October 15, 2014
Ritesh Upadhyay

Tyagi Shatrughandas October 2, 2014
Wow , a extraordinary app to enjoy

Jonee Asoka October 29, 2014
V …good if it is totally free otherwise. …. 0

Angela Rhymes January 9, 2015
I hated it

Mike Brodeth December 11, 2015
Mavshack movie Great!

sonu bhasin October 8, 2014
Sonu Its a nice app

Gangadhar N H iah November 15, 2014
Nice but no use

Rajendra Prasad October 11, 2014
thank u. wonderful i like it.

ellie pangilinan April 13, 2015
Nice movie Nice movie The best

kenneth Bowman November 25, 2014
Mavshack Smoking,hot

Harsh Davda November 2, 2014
Mavshack Good app

Yogesh Vaisnav September 27, 2014
Very very good

POKÉMON KI VINES November 6, 2014
Mavshack Awesome man

Harshit chhangani September 25, 2014
its good its a good app

Parvaiz Nabi October 27, 2014

s s soni October 8, 2014

Basheer Mohammed October 19, 2014

Venkatachalam Venkat October 19, 2014

shani kashmeeri November 2, 2016

Manoj Rathod October 2, 2014
Like *

Faizan Ali October 21, 2014
Good,ok says this….

ANANT RANJE October 30, 2014
Very nice

Prabesh Man September 16, 2014
Speed Good

Shakeel Ahmad November 9, 2014
Nice app

Mohammad Ansar October 26, 2014
Cool S

Richel Octavio September 29, 2016
good love it

selvaràj RselvarajrasalamR October 12, 2014
Ok good

ramesh polampalli September 17, 2014
Superb Excellant

Descent Thought November 8, 2014
Nice One

US Khan October 5, 2014
Its nice

Dev Singh September 23, 2014
Good Good apps….

roy deblina October 19, 2014

drana kumar munda October 2, 2014

gayatri kashyap September 18, 2014

Suryakant Kengar October 24, 2014

dr rajesh p maheshwari October 10, 2014

borgi nagesh December 22, 2014

Ravi Kumar October 12, 2014

Jitendra Marathe November 6, 2014
Nice Nice