Android BET NOW – Watch Shows Reviews

Bibit Smith October 9, 2017
BET is the most informative and the most enjoyable black tv I,ve ever seen. You really need to hook up with networks in the SOUTH as they are still 65 years behind the north. People down there are so clueless it,s pathetic.

June 28, 2017
Totally sucks that they lured me in to download the app to Chromecast the Bet Awards to my TV. I’m out of town for the summer and I can only view it through my cable provider while I am at home. So I found this garbage that does not allow me to Chromecast to the TV at all. Like most mainstream…they lied. Don’t waste your time. Get a good book and learn something new instead.

December 28, 2017
Please fix the live streaming situation. When I first downloaded the app it worked fine and then a couple hrs go by it stopped working it won’t cast to my TV while live. If VH1 and OWN Network figured it out so should y’all

Amanda Johnson June 29, 2017
I tried watching the BET AWARDS, doesn’t work. Well it did for the first 10min. Kept skipping ahead, rewinding, randomly jumping to commercial all on it’s own. I’m better of watching the cheap quality version on Youtube.

nikkie nicole December 14, 2017
BET finally started to have NEW shows worthy of watching but you cant catch a rerun. Why cant we watch episodes of Tales? That is an excellent show and I would like to watch all the episodes. But you dont have them. The only other show worth watching is Gucci’s Mane event. I cant even watch that on your app two days after episode airs. Please add the great shows to your play list. Otherwise their is no point in having this app.

Nina Denisha July 21, 2017
I love it! I can watch the New edition story whenever I want to and even on the go! Not really sure what these other people are talking about but it works great for me!

Blah Bleh June 26, 2017
I am so done with BET. NEVER again will I support you guys. That award was Nicki’s but you guys chose to be messy. Remy hasn’t accomplished ANYTHING that warranted that award. Shame on y’all! UNINSTALLED!!!

Shae Lenor October 19, 2017
Everything is good.. except the most important part and that’s not being able to cast during live.. like that tnt and bravo app etc.. can we please get the Google cast available for streaming live. Please and thank you.. also why are the episodes for Tales being removed Everytime it’s a new episode. I can’t even get a chance to watch a episode.. I think I’ma delete this app

December 1, 2017
Love this app now I don’t have to miss my shows while I’m work I can watch them anytime during my break yes love love love it thanks

Dominique Emanuel December 25, 2017
My cable provider is Xfinity. It doesnt give me an option to sign in to the provider. It gives me a Facebook and Twitter log in. There is no social media login for xfinity anymore

BET Networks December 19, 2017
For Xfinity users, that’s the best approach now. Login with a Social Media account and get unlimited access to BET’s content.

Anna Marquez August 17, 2017
Enjoy being able to watch missed episodes. Still trying to get it to cast to tv but shouldnt stutter once done


Karen Bellard September 17, 2017
Awesome! I work 2 full-time jobs and I have been able to keep up with Being Mary Jane and watched Rebel. Yes, BET!!!

Diane Walker December 1, 2017
This is horrible. Really ya’ll don’t have DISH??? This is absurd. One of the biggest cable providers….WOW Very disappointed & uninstalling immediately.

BET Networks December 19, 2017
You could chose Xfinity or 24 hour preview – login with a Social Media account and get unlimited access to BET’s content.

Megan Lovelace October 1, 2017
Sometimes it closes down on you but overall it is a good app. It would be nice if you could pick to watch BET special pick movies, just a idea.

Chris Lister June 27, 2017
What a joke! No full episdoes, just wasted film on pointless clips.

Sidney Briggs May 31, 2017
I like to stream shows on my Chromecast. But for some reason I have issues casting some of the shows to my T.v. Mind you I just got my Chromecast less than 6 months ago and I’m usually streaming through my Samsung S8

October 27, 2017
I just dont like how people who don’t have cable cant see everything because some of it be locked

ShaQueen Lee September 22, 2017
This app is garbage when I try to watch the BET Awards it kept jumping around. While watching Being Mary Jane on multiple occasions it stopped and then it would say error. Then on top of that they do not save your place in whatever show you are watching it automatically starts back over when you come back to it.

August 23, 2017
I wanted to try and I can not disconnect myself anymore. That’s B.E.T love this app😍😍😍

Tashombe O. Six June 3, 2017
App requires sign in to cable provider AND Twitter or Facebook. App requires DOB to complete sign in but there’s no way to,type in the date. You have to choose it from calander by a growing back I be month at a time through 39 years. App does not support google cast for live TV. Pretty lame app.

Allison White April 25, 2017
The last 3 questions I haven’t checked out yet. I hope that u can make it where that u don’t need WiFi to watch every show. Thank You

September 20, 2017
I am loving my new phone and I really love cause I have gayer bites something cause I love listening to my music and watching slot of shows at night so u have me as customer always as long I don’t run higher bites and then my phone began to run slow or it Won’t run At All and another things my phone I have I want allowed me take any more pictures so that mean I be have to delete some that I have already to get to new one and my biggest problem was when I went camp in Eaton NY my phone phone shut down I couldn’t get no services on my phone so that mean I had to cut my vacation short cause of no service on my phone and for me to have a iPhone that sad I am happy with my new phone I get better service with this phone then I do with a damn $300 IPhone thank u for your service I am happy

Alex Murphy October 19, 2017
I have xfinity but I can’t sign in to watch anything. After choosing my provider it tells me to sign in to Twitter or facebook not my provider info.

Kwanza Sherrod October 12, 2017
Thank you without this app I would have never seen this 2017. Luke award he’s long over do…THANK YOU SO MUCH KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Sonya Thomasson October 17, 2017
I’ve been watching BET since it first came out. They never disappoint!

Mechelle 2 U September 24, 2017
This app doesn’t work well for me. It constantly shuts off while watching it & I have to restart it. Very disappointed.

Ms. Sandra F August 24, 2017
This app is always available. The movies and shows are awesome ! Great job B.E.T

Yaya Caramel Delight June 28, 2017
Love that Remy got awarded she deserved it just was unfinished business from where she left off all Nikki fans just don’t know about her that’s why they mad anyways keep up the great work one bad apple won’t spoil the rest some come some go

October 24, 2017
Well so far I really enjoyed the opportunity to be able to see the wedding but I have not explored this yet to see what I can do… so right now I just love having this

Troy n Yasmine October 17, 2017
Wish u could watch with the free trail stuff. But love it

Mike Brad November 9, 2017
The shows are always cool watching.. And have a good new form..

shana Grandison October 2, 2017
Bet play the stuff to much but i still lovr it bet needs play new movie and so much of the old ones

Leah Pappas December 13, 2017
I just began watching so I can’t form an opinion now

Hyacinth Taylor June 26, 2017
Right NOW.I’m receive’n POOR pic QUALITY!.. CAN’T enjoy the BET AWARDS @ all!..Pic keeps STOPPING & RE-START’N!..UN-INSTALLING this app 4 the 2nd time!.. IMPROVE IT!!!

Gary Reuer October 17, 2017
I would give a 5 but it’s saying it’s not apart of my directv and it is please fix soon

dana maxey August 24, 2017
I’ve always loved almost everything on BET so would watch it anytime anywhere

carolyn oliver September 14, 2017
I love being Mary Jane and I love that Mary Jane and Justin being a couple I hope she get married to him and maybe she can have a child with him before it’s to late. Keri get what she want also…

August 4, 2017
I absolutely love BET, I can watch my people 24/7.

Danny Rosario October 10, 2017
everything about my favorite music and all the movies.I just love bet

Janean Sylvia Reed September 10, 2017
BET has always been a channel I know is going to entertain me, time & time again, and it gets better w/ea show, series, news, comedy, and great movies.

Larry Higgins August 2, 2017
I haven’t had it for long but it’s seems to be a pretty good app.

Regina Reaves September 23, 2017
Love it….. its BLACK ENTERTAINMENT!!!! I don’t think anyone should complain!!!!! It could be worst..

June 30, 2017
Tried to watch BET awards, kept skipping ahead, missed parts of the performances, app sucks.

s b October 20, 2017
I love it, but it stop responding at the end of each segments.getting audio but no picture. Have to be restarting my device at the end of each segment in order to watch entire episode.

Gala Robinson December 19, 2017
Enjoying the app. Now I can watch some of the things I miss. Thx

August 24, 2017
I like the app, but when I use chrome cast it doesn’t always work.

Haze Jones November 25, 2017
poor anything you search for doesnt come up.a waste

Tarshaya Lane June 26, 2017
They do not have the 2017 BET Awards full show on the app but they have the 2016 full show there though 🤔🤔🤔🤔I suggest that BET put the full 2017 awards full show on the app or I will rate for 1 star be mindful

S.L.E 6ixGod October 21, 2017
I love bet but I would like to see more newer shows and less reruns

Taicie-ann Clarke October 17, 2017
I’m not able to watch any live show…..don’t know what the problem is

June 23, 2017
I hate the app and you got to sign into everything so no

deana jones August 19, 2017
I like it not no bet movies but one but love the shows

noløve shateria November 13, 2017
I love this app it has all of my favorite shows on their the only thing is that i don’t like when the ads just pop up

Tonio Norman July 1, 2017
Google cast is the terrible on here….it takes forever to initialize to cast…like bad!

Andria Grant September 6, 2017
I love BET for me watching my show Being Mary Jane

Laxavier Washington September 10, 2017
Favorite network so glad they have a app so I can take it with me

Ashley Baldwin October 18, 2017
Need to update ur app. There is a cast button but when I try to cast to my TV using Chrome cast is says disconnect. It won’t allow me to watch on my TV just on the app please fix

Michelle Bazemore October 19, 2017
I love BET but I would like to catch up on some shows I miss and yall got the shows lock and when I hit on my provider it says it don’t have that show tragic

DWAN PRINCE October 7, 2017

Rufus Nichols November 5, 2017
Every since b e t got rid of bet uncut the reviews went down.

Alli Miller May 26, 2017
I’m unable to log in because I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter

April D Driver November 27, 2017
I’ve been watching bet since I was five years old. It’s best black entertainment ever. That why love being black😘😘😘😘😘😘

Tonteshay Hawthorne May 17, 2017
I think it a goo app to catch up on what you missed.

William Hamlett August 7, 2017
Love BET for bringing this unique channel to television for all too enjoy!!!

July 26, 2017
I tried to sign up for the app but it doesn’t work

Shaheera James May 1, 2017
The only reason I got it was to watch New Edition Story which is the best I hope they make more its a really good app🔥💯💞

August 10, 2017
App has improved greatly. Love that I can use Chromecast.

August 7, 2017
Just checked out one BET performance but was Awesome!

Mark Valentine October 23, 2017
I love B.E.T because they show educational and real music and videoy/everybody can relate t o. Its empowering to young and old, and we learning about all the hottest.rawest.baddest rappers in the game—! 💰💰💰💰💯💪📻🏠😊😍😘😜😝😇👸👀👌✌💦💩🔥👏💃💅👯👑🎀💖💘💍💎🐯🐰🐍🐢🐞🐅🐆🐩🌷🌹🌺🌿🌞🌛🌎🌍🌏🌈💝🎁🎊🎉📷📱⏰🔫💊💉💸💣📆✂🎤🎹🎻🎶🎵🎼🎧🎷🎲🎮🏈🏀🏆🍸🍹🍷🍤🍔🍟🍕🍝🍜🍦🍰🍫🍉🍒🍑🍓🍍🍋🍏🍇🍊🏪🏦🏩💒🌇🏰🗼🌄🌅🌃🗽🌉🎢🎡✈⛵🚗⛽🎰🎭🇺🇸

Tanya Taylor December 27, 2017
I love the way BET created this app!!! I can watch all my favourite show’s!!! On the Go😉😉 Thank you BET

Keniyah Banks June 16, 2017
It’s a great way to just sit back and watch

Vanessa Curry July 23, 2017
More needs to be offered, technology needs to be advanced & improved, more needs to be added for no money, reviews need to be read, suggestions need to be & followed up on. Listen to your consumers who actually use it.

andrea Murrayd June 26, 2017
It’s amazing to be able to watch a network that has supported the African American community for so many years keep it up BET…much love

B Pow October 12, 2017
Never freezes…plenty of full length content… great variety… kudos for allowing casting option.

Nikki M June 26, 2017
Is there a reason why I have to use facebook/Twitter to log in for my xfinity account? I don’t use Facebook or Twitter so I guess I won’t be using this app.

Carla Robinson May 1, 2017
BET… Have some great shows on now… I hope they will continue for many seasons.. Thanks for being my #1 station.

Takia Brown October 16, 2017
This is the best tv app all people y’all need to download

July 31, 2017
I love it. I don’t have to worry about missing another show ❤️❤️

Psychotic SadGurl October 20, 2017