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ahmed mansour August 25, 2017
So bad ya man, not working

Cinemoz August 25, 2017
Hey there Ahmed! Thank you for dropping us a feedback, could you please specify what is not working with you?

Talal Toyu August 25, 2017
افلام قديمة ومحدودة برنامج سيئ

Cinemoz August 25, 2017
مرحبا طلال، شكراً لاهتمامك بسينموز! موسوعتنا تتضمن خيارات عديدة من الأفلام العربية إلى الأجنبية و الهندية و مجاناً! أما بحيث التجديد، فيمكنك متابعة مختاراتنا أسبوعياً على صفحتنا على فيسبوك.

jamsheer mirza ali April 10, 2017
Wonderful and useful to watch

Ahmed Sayed March 12, 2017
شكراً سيموز

Omar Adel March 21, 2017
ليه مفيش اجنبي ??

Nader Nabil February 22, 2017
Great to have an app for cinemoz, it is a fabulous collection you got there!

essam Shaheen February 12, 2017
It works well recomended to all

WSN Nokhba February 19, 2017
تطبيق مميز

Mohammad Khalaf January 26, 2017
TV casting is not working

Essma Kamar January 27, 2017

Karim Ashour December 7, 2016
You added chromecast support!! Waited for that for so long. Awesome job!

ahmed nabil August 28, 2016
Average Not bad as an idea but many of the films have a problem with the aspect ratio. This is unforgivable for a “Cinema” application. Would be great to add subtitles too. Even on paid basis.

Yacine BALAH October 23, 2016
I like it It’s a great idea. It functions well without ads. I just you’ll have larger library

YASSER ALNAGGAR September 8, 2016
لا يعمل اطلاقا يظهر رسالة انت غير متصل بالانترنت

حسام هداية September 12, 2016
Good app It’s very interesting app. It works probably, no ads till now.

Mohamed fathy October 21, 2016
5نجوم مصر

October 6, 2016
Mania Goog

sayed barakat October 27, 2016
Rate Excellent application for movie

Ahmed Yahia Sofiane November 5, 2016
0 0

Walid Ezzat August 1, 2016
تحفة . أنصح به ممتاز

Ahmad Hamdy July 29, 2016
Great work! اخيرآ شيئ مصري حلو!

Angelo Benitto February 18, 2016
You should add chrome streaming service.

Wael Saeed February 19, 2016
سيء جدا ولا أنصح بتحميله سيء جدا ولا أنصح بتحميله

Sergej S October 15, 2015
Much love Garen awesome job!

michel achkar April 1, 2014

Gigi Menassa February 27, 2014
Nicely done!! Thanks

Lam Tarabay March 5, 2014
وااوووو كوووول

Emmak Betmoss February 13, 2014
Very good Fontastic app for watch movies in Arabi. I didn’t found any other app like this one. Thanks!!!!!

Aida Kawas February 13, 2014
I like it How nice that such an app exists.found here the films and documentaries that I was looking for.thanks so much for the good work

Sally Amirza February 13, 2014
Better than expected Not at all bad. It’s nice to see Arabic short movies on there!!

Taimour Shamseddine January 28, 2014
Amazing app Really fast and useful…the new arabic hulu !

Malek Ghanem January 30, 2014
awesome app! Very useful and user friendly

Hasan Rahal January 30, 2014
Very entertaining app I like it a lot

Zeid Khoury February 13, 2014
Great app ! Very cool app !

Ibrahim Bittar February 10, 2014
b great & fast

Chadi Aoun February 13, 2014
Ohh.. Thats coolll

September 12, 2016
Dosent work No English movies and Arabic movies are old and don’t work.. useless

sam alhamani November 15, 2017
برنامج سئ للغايه …افلام قديمه اللغه المستخدمه العربيه فقط لايستحق التثبيت..ارجوا إزالته من جوجل بلي

Tarek El Sawy August 25, 2016
3 stars for missing the Chromecast support Once you add the Chromecast support I will give extra 2 stars, well done!

Loka Luca February 20, 2017
It’s bad app

mohamed khaled March 15, 2017
البرنامج ده حلو ولا ايه

Jad Sarout February 13, 2014
I’m relieved Finally a nice app in Arabic

Garen Keshishian February 12, 2014
Gr8 app Arabic movies and series for free!!

Mohammed Mazioudi February 11, 2017
Not now.

yassine abbaci April 25, 2017
Really amazing and useful

November 17, 2016
افضل برنامج

Mahmoud Sadder July 25, 2017
Not working

July 27, 2017
Hello Mahmoud. We are really sorry you had a bad experience. How did we screw up? We are always striving to improve. Care to share what happened with Thanks!

Ahmed Galal August 23, 2016
Gjg Hjh

MOMEN ELON January 29, 2017
لسه مجربتوش

Diaa Elkholy July 27, 2017
Why you need my mobile no ??????

July 27, 2017
Hello Diaa. Thank you for your feedback. We use the mobile number for country verification. You can skip it if you wish so! If you would like to learn more please contact us on

Kamal Mostafa August 6, 2016
Love it! عظيم جدًا..

Ely Dagher January 19, 2016
Ok Great!

Ghada Eldaly January 14, 2017
رائع I liked

Mohsen Allam August 24, 2016
good thank you

Ahmed Galal February 28, 2017
Great app

soma ahmed September 14, 2017

September 18, 2017

Maged Farid March 30, 2017

Suhayl Lahta February 24, 2017
Good as hell

hamata abdalla November 12, 2016

Desto Tony August 11, 2016
love it