Android JAZZ RADIO Reviews

Алексей Тимченко January 1, 2018
Hey, jazzradio team, thanks for the great app. Why are you so fast switched off holiday jazz channel? Here, in Russia, we have Christmas holiday since 31 Dec till 8 Jan and we missed holiday jazz channel🎄 please, turn it on again

January 2, 2018
My daily fix!

Loud N Proud December 31, 2017
Great App! Many times on various channels will be interrupted by a loud static squeal noise (the same every time). Other than that it’s great:)

Bob Brady November 25, 2017
Wonderful stations, yet they insist on placing too many verbal ads in, then insist on upgrading to a monthly pay to play. Quite disruptive and manipulative. They also removed my first rating and recently the app won’t open the player. After a few months of use with ads, then paying for 1 month w/o ads, I paid the yearly fee and am reasonably satisfied. The app has a tendency to stop playing numerous times over a several hour stretch. My tablet has 2 gigs of ram so I don’t believe it’s my hardware.

Fabrice Désiré December 22, 2017
The playlists are nice. Though sometimes I wonder who picked the artists. It’s not all the best but still enjoyable. App is not optimized though. It seems to slow down my phone.

Digitally Imported Inc December 28, 2017
Hey, please try clearing your mobile cache and reinstalling the app. Reach out at if the issue persists with your customer and mobile OS info.

December 2, 2017
Bloated spamware. Intuitive loud American woman screeching voice is enough to uninstall. Ludicrously expensive for a single platform station.

Sofia Martinez November 25, 2017
La seleccion musical es muy buena, variada, y con emision excelente calidad . Desafortunadamente, la insistencia de ascender de categoria mediante un pago presionando con demasiados anuncios que no pueden ser obviados daña el disfrute de las canciones.

Wandjlaye Godwe November 17, 2017
J’adore ! C’esr a ma connaissance la meilleure platforme d aggragation des milusoque du monde. Superbe qualite audio, tres belle interface, j aime l integration avec mon system audio, support pour google home ….. etc.

Bee Ess December 21, 2017
Music is great the app is terrible. Quits frequently and will even lock up the tablet requiring a restart.

Digitally Imported Inc December 28, 2017
Sorry about the bad experience. Mind reaching out at with your customer and device details so that we may take a closer look at the problem?

December 15, 2017
Jazz is my thing….been lovin it forever along with many other genres of good quality music. This app is wonderful for those who love all kinds of styles of jazz. Try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Galina Kurdova December 27, 2017
It’s my favourite music app by far. I always listen to either the Mellow Jazz or the Smooth Lounge channels and they satisfy me perfectly. Try them out,this peaceful bliss !

December 26, 2017
I listen to this music all the time.its releases a lot of stress.

Leroy Warthaw December 12, 2017
Love this Music..When im Walking or cooking.Most wouldn’t expect it from me in my neighborhood.

John Gaffney November 29, 2017
Excellent music, a wide variety of choices, and the app works well – always very reliable.

December 13, 2017
Big fan, but commercials too loud

Samantha Hollis-White November 29, 2017
Easy to use, great selection, commercials but not too bad. If you like jazz you should definitely have this app

Simon Carter December 16, 2017
Excellent app. Panders to my taste in jazz very effectively but also gives me chance to explore.

George Offord December 1, 2017
Breaks up easily as soon as you don’t have perfect reception.

John Shotter December 6, 2017
Good, variety of jazz styles and few interruptions. Great station, love it.

Richard Holmes November 23, 2017
Great app. Quality music. I can choose the type of jazz I want to listen to depending on the mood I’m in.

Samuel Dankwa November 18, 2017
Best jazz ever created 24/7 .I mostly play it to sleep. Love it keep the good job.

m joe MICHLES December 9, 2017
Great selection of jazz and blues, wish blues would have more divisions, much like jazz is categorized. Great Amp!!!

Mr. F December 11, 2017
The visual Ads is getting in the way of “nonstop listening’ just stick to the audio base ads

Art Javelona December 13, 2017
Jazzradio has stopped!

December 19, 2017
The best there is!! Thanks for keeping it going….wish I was rich enough to contribute a million bucks!

Ramakant Soni November 30, 2017
It dosen’t playing on lenovo k 8 plus

Digitally Imported Inc December 7, 2017
Please contact us at

Mike Sklivis December 29, 2017
Like the app Cam listen to music anywhere.

SARFARAZ mohammed December 26, 2017
Been listening to this station since years… Always have respect for its great genre and selections…respect

Igor Socican November 30, 2017
Right mood and right music

Pentru Tablete December 27, 2017
I like very much

November 24, 2017
Amazing app!! The only app for all things Jazz!!!

Stefan Denic December 14, 2017
Doesn’t work

David Minor December 19, 2017
I love this app great music on every station I listen to.

Sogol Ghobad December 7, 2017
Awesome app, love Jazz and this app makes my days.

Caleb Fails December 21, 2017
Love the app an it’s one of the best one out there

Lubinda Mulikelela December 9, 2017
Fantastic app, simple to navigate, intuitive and pleasant GUI.

Raymond McGill November 29, 2017
Jazz, jazz, jazz, and more jazz playing in excellent quality and a beautiful app.

KENYA BURTON December 11, 2017
Very relaxing, various of artists. I love this app.

david daniel December 26, 2017
Great app if you like jazz.

November 28, 2017
Real nice music like the smooth jazz

uticka brown December 14, 2017
i love it…maybe one commerical…IF THAT…soothes my soul ❤

Oki Daniel November 17, 2017
This is my best jazz music app…awesome

Inoong jun December 7, 2017
Great selection of beautiful jazz music

Ashwin Joshua Menon December 27, 2017
Very Good selection of jazz styles

Dave Cunnigham November 23, 2017
Makes Music Listening Enjoyable

Miles Robertson November 25, 2017
Great selection. Easy to use

A B December 24, 2017
Best radio jazz.. just give it a try..

Cristian Ditescu November 18, 2017
Probably the best jazz music app…

Nemanja Nikolic December 18, 2017
Great choice of music!

David Owen November 29, 2017

Sam Padilla December 10, 2017
The best of all of them…

Anthony Robinson December 17, 2017
Great Jazz Music.

budi santoso December 16, 2017

Tamara Paraker December 17, 2017
Always good music

K.L. Crigler January 1, 2018
My favorite app

Hector M. Medina December 30, 2017
Love it especially the blues

Michael Stokes November 23, 2017

Aakash Indu November 20, 2017

Seifeldeen Hamdy November 23, 2017
Amazing app

Nikola Dimitrijevic December 15, 2017
Great app

Yani Waas December 17, 2017
Just great

Kay Fall December 13, 2017
Very good

Dhruv Bijlani December 27, 2017
Amazing experience

Evelett Hemmings December 28, 2017
Love this app

Owen McMinn December 8, 2017

Harvey Livschitz November 19, 2017
Love it

November 23, 2017

December 6, 2017

Predrag Pavlovic November 21, 2017

Omar Chavez December 11, 2017
Love it

Anoop issac Lazar December 25, 2017

Gilles Hosch October 30, 2017
for jazz lovers, this is the only app. it let’s you chose your kind of jazz, and then streams in that range of choice only. and only top notch stuff. i love it – and i don’t pay. however, after years of using it to decorate my anonymous hotel rooms when travelling for business, i am getting closer to subscribing. these guys really deserve it!

Jeremy Buma November 12, 2017
Love the music variety and wide assortment of genres to choose from, but extended play gets clitchy and even locks up from time to time if I turn the screen off on my tablet. Will someone please fix! It’s very frustrating to only get about only an hour of play time and then I have to switch the app off and on again or just go to another app altogether.

Daniel Penca October 20, 2017
One of the best music apps out threre, despite playing rather niche music. Must have if you like music in general

Steven Madeley November 14, 2017
I have only been using your app for a view minutes I have sofar found no problems, not only that I like the music I have found So unless I find some good reason I do not believe I will be removing this app Thank you

Brock Angelos November 4, 2017
It is easy to use and works very well anywhere. The selection is great, any genre you could want to hear.

Paul Odendaal October 20, 2017
So far so good, I love that you can choose what type if jazz to listen to!

Roflcheif 127 November 2, 2017
I love this app; I always play this in my home yo give a more positive feel. I’ll subscribe soon; they and the many artists deserve it!

October 24, 2017
I like the different kinds of jazz this app has. Paris Cafe makes you feel in Paris. Cool music to drink tea.

November 7, 2017
Love having easy access to any type of jazz. Good music for good mental health!

Chris Wilson November 3, 2017
Great listening when I’m on the road. Also use the commercial free version on my sonos system

Tamara Muhammad November 22, 2017
Give me s chance to download it –but a have an associate who loves it and so do i.

Sean Bates November 10, 2017
If you love jazz, all types of jazz, this is the station for you. Sign up, you’ll have no regrets.

Martha Bijou October 21, 2017
Loving this app!! Paris Café is my favourite!

Jeni Karay October 25, 2017
My most fsvorite streaming jazz music. The categories totally great!

Kokaya Yeboa November 14, 2017
It’s the best, way back in Ghana I listen 24/7

John Eke October 22, 2017
Avvid user for years now. Amazing app, amazing service 👍🏾

Roger Kaplan November 5, 2017
Fine app… Would be great if was made compatible with Android Auto!

kelvin maddox October 20, 2017
bettr than many …and its FREE!!!!

John Coward October 20, 2017
See comment from me

November 17, 2017
Завжди слухаю. 7 років.

December 9, 2017
I have been with for about 6.years . I love this station. 10;4p.b

Karen Hsu November 10, 2017
Great jazz options, can’t ask for more.

Ted Rodosovich November 11, 2017
I like the mellow piano jazz.

Sergei Sidorov October 28, 2017
Great app with lots of listening options

Rafael Guillén Urrutia November 17, 2017
I like the Jazz Radio music

Eman M November 3, 2017
Not sure

edgar bz November 3, 2017
Great selection, stable streaming

Valerio Cappozzo November 17, 2017
Excellent and enjoyable!!! Love JAZZ

Saumick Basu November 12, 2017
Good collection. Plenty of options.

Dragi Blazevski October 30, 2017
Enjoy listening music with this app

Arie Rahardjo October 24, 2017
Great radio I love it

Michael Seldin October 22, 2017
Good app for listening jazz

Virgil Peyton November 12, 2017
Love this app most enjoyable! !!!

SN YG October 31, 2017
Fine assortment!

Andi Muzaki November 6, 2017
Very WOW..Jazz radio..👌

Ivan Henriquez November 11, 2017

Aabha ghotikar October 25, 2017
just beautiful.

Camille White October 27, 2017
Its great

Borisav Rankovic October 27, 2017
Best music

Duy Hai Tran Dinh October 25, 2017
Nice app

Luduig Moises Agan October 22, 2017

Lovre Uroda November 17, 2017

samuel sk November 5, 2017

Matheus Moraes September 17, 2017
I just love JR! Every morning I turn it on as soon as I wake up to listen to my favorite station, Paris café.

G. Crawford September 20, 2017
🎶Top notch the best quality in music selection and streaming is perfect! A wide variety in channels from classic, modern, contemporary, latin, vocal, bass, piano, 🎷sax, swing, ♡smooth jazz and more…Not to forget my favourite channel “Holiday Jazz” Tis the season in JazZ!

JOHNNY FETTEROLF September 15, 2017
I’ve used this app for years on smartphone and laptop. Easy to use, great selection and pretty much problem free.

BEZZS*1300 September 23, 2017

December 7, 2017
Please contact us at

Joseph Wong September 18, 2017
sleep timer broken since last update.

Paul Hazlett September 23, 2017
Easy to use, selection of channels for every mood; wish it could be paused, recently has crashed very occasionally

Tony Bilello September 23, 2017
I use this app everyday! Work, school or even at home! Great for any occasion and so many channels to choose from!

September 16, 2017
I like music of all kinds and this app allows you to try something new. I particularly like the sleep timer!

BlackJack Twentytwo September 28, 2017
For Jazz lovers, this is an amazing apps. Surely the Trumpet Jazz is my favourite. Thanks and keep it and jazz it more.

Jorge Freitas October 16, 2017
For sure this is the best music app that I have downloaded since my first smartphone.

Amr Barakat October 14, 2017
Nice app to play in the morning once you wake up.

Paul Strugariu October 11, 2017
Thanks for sharing with us such a nice app,keep up the good work cheerss

Gerrett Smith September 30, 2017
Jazz Radio is the ultimate jazz station that plays all jazz and nothing else.

Will Thompson September 25, 2017
Incredible collection of great jazz music. The categories are helpful. Thanks.

Károly Kutika September 15, 2017
Great jazz collections, I prefer blues channel.

Kenneth McKinnon October 17, 2017

Sergio Bernier September 24, 2017
Great variety of jazz styles, artists and songs.

Ken McDouall September 26, 2017
Great selection and reliable streaming. Worth the price of admission.

Alpay Aydin October 12, 2017
Incredible app. Great to listen to while studying