Android My Cloud Player for SoundCloud Reviews

Bizzensun November 19, 2017
Has all the functions you would wish Soundcloud would have by default. Very nice looking app that works well most of the time. Only thing that doesn’t always update is the current song playing in the app drawer. Please fix this.

Thomas Atkinson October 28, 2017
I love it. The issues mentioned in the previous version of this review have all been fixed. Nice to see an app developer read reviews and actively issues. This is a massive step up from the official SoundCloud app in basically every way October 23, 2017
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John Joe December 25, 2017
Great app but there’s a few bugs, it doesn’t say who posted/reposted tracks when I return into the app from having it play in the background. It also streams the wrong track that I press on e.g. the song three tracks down, please fix this thanks

dzemitro November 23, 2017
it crashes every time I play some song (blabla stopped working – report/ok). it may play for few seconds, but unfortunately it will always crash. i have reported that problem, so now I hope for an update that will fix that 🙁 y3 ii

Ryan Caragher November 12, 2017
Not sure if it’s this app, or Soundcloud itself, but tracks that aren’t streamable outside Soundcloud seem to disappear in ACTUAL Soundcloud when I use this app. It’s not a for sure thing either, sometimes it happens sometimes it doesnt

Jumper S O January 1, 2018
This app takes the suck ass out of sucking ass useless can’t log on passwords don’t work u songs don’t play too snarled altogether ➡in the gar-BAGHE

Paulo Bud December 26, 2017
It is draining a lot of battery, and it makes my phone hot like I have never seen before.

Aaaa dsdfsvs December 18, 2017
It’s slow and buggy on Grand Prime, can you please fix it?

Camoni Ana/Tracer January 2, 2018
for some reason I cannot link my SoundCloud account to the app anymore after I transferred everything from my old phone into my new one here so I need some help here

T6 November 11, 2017
My SoundCloud account is linked with google and I can’t log in

Prasad S November 11, 2017
Songs playing some error

Dev Lamba November 1, 2017
Gud player of a great app like it

Epic Wuzzup October 17, 2017
Can be very, VERY buggy at times, heck, sometimes it refuses to play a few songs on my playlist, but it is significantly better than many other SoundCloud companions I have used. I just wish that updates actually did something other than get my hopes up for nothing.

Corinne Schrickel October 17, 2017
This app has clearly better features than the official app. Downside is since it’s a 3rd party app, it has to play catch up with Soundcloud. Anytime something changes on the SC side, this app will be partially broken till the next update. I personally feel the built-in equalizer, playing songs on repeat and not having to deal with SC’s overbearing ads make up for its shortcomings. In all honesty, I blame SC for connectivity issues as I have experienced these hiccups in other 3rd party players as well. Addendum: apparently playing local media is not a good idea. I have no idea what happened, but while doing so, this player drained 10% of my battery and drove the temperature up to 45°C within 40 minutes.

Justin Bates October 18, 2017
This apo used to work, now when i go to profiles of music i search it says No tracks found and also doesn’t allow playback outside of soundcloud October 23, 2017
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Dmitry Skibitsky October 17, 2017
My favorite. +5.

sweety kumari October 19, 2017

C- H- October 13, 2017
Broken with new update AGAIN tracks do not populate…do you even check your work? Obviously not.

Daniel V October 12, 2017

Archie Ebong January 1, 2018
I love this app but has some bugs. A big example is that my playlists and my liked songs aren’t up to date each time I open them. Please fix this issue and I’ll give it 5 stars.
I hate it October 7, 2017

Nasser Alkhulaifi October 5, 2017
I like it

masti maza October 17, 2017

Amzat Rafiq September 28, 2017
First two songs of playlist will play automatically you will have to press next button to play next song can you fix that?? It seems like it’s all good 👍 September 20, 2017
there is a new version in play store. can you check if the problem exists in the latest version?

walid hisham September 23, 2017
OK I give 5 star for good follow up and I will try to restart Device Edit, i reinstalled the app and signed in from the startup screen, it worked but the sign in using account detection isnt worked on this device, anyway thanks and amazing app tbh specially the sleep timer feature September 23, 2017
Try to set your password on soundcloud website. This is a third party app, and i cant do anything more without soundcloud assistance. Thanks for the 5 stars

Walter Chang September 23, 2017
Why does app minimize to taskbar (disappear) when you pause the song/stream? Makes no sense, and extremely inconvenient. Also, needs buttons to jump back/forward 30s (for podcasts) as seekbar is impossible to operate when you have no fine motor coordination (when exercising, running, etc). September 23, 2017
Ill fix this in next version. Thanks for the feedback.

Eu Chiar Eu September 24, 2017
Flashing screen trying to play a playlist.. Freezing

Ákos Ligeti September 22, 2017
nice work! performs much better than the original app. September 22, 2017

Edvardas Bernotas September 19, 2017
Thanks for the quick fixes. September 18, 2017
The update is ready 😉 thanks again

Jocelyn Moster September 21, 2017
I like it September 21, 2017

September 14, 2017
Since the recent update the app is working flawlessly again! Thank you devs! September 14, 2017
thank you for the feedback.

Avinash Changavi September 12, 2017
The newest update is completely broken, I can’t find any tracks or podcasts online. Edit: timely response and fixed it within a matter of hours!! September 12, 2017
new version is already published. check for updates in 1h. thanks for the feedback.

September 12, 2017
The most recent update completely broke the app, everything is in a perpetual list. I’m gonna have to find the .apk of an older version to continue using it. Well made app, just…you guys broke it

Jack Sal September 14, 2017
Uses some weird hamburger menu design. Bugs out, and will stop loading my likes after the second or third page. September 15, 2017

Matthew Meyerson September 13, 2017
I loved this app! It is the perfect SoundCloud player, and the devs are amazing. I shot them an email about their app not working and they updated it within 2 hours and sent an email back. April 6, 2017

Malta Ledesma September 12, 2017
It keeps on frezzing up on me please make it better or stop freeze ing

September 12, 2017
Still think this is one of the best apps ever,not sure if I have done or its part of the app since update but I’m only getting pictures when I search. Thank you Cuckoo September 12, 2017
there’s one more update. please check the play store.

Lanny Lanuel September 15, 2017
Adds features missing in SoundCloud. And prettier too!

Elbert Wang July 2, 2017
Still the best player there is for SoundCloud lovers. There was a bug when adding to playlists – it deletes all songs and you end up with a 1 song Playlist but this was fixed. However, now I have to rebuild my 2+ curated play lists that got overwritten. 🙁 July 2, 2017
Add to Playlist is fixed is latest update. Sorry about that, SoundCloud changed some of the APIs in the meantime, and that’s what was causing the issue with the playlists.

Cael Collum August 6, 2017
My rating used to be 5, but there’s a bug they still haven’t fixed, a problem I had on the S4 2 years ago, the LG G3 and the S7. I have ~250 reposts, and it won’t show any. It’ll show about 5 of my ~1000 likes, though. I’ve tried everything from signing in and out, re-installing, there’s nothing. I’ve switched and found a replacement, I’ll be leaving this with a 2 star since I haven’t had a reply.

nick lemle July 21, 2017
one problem i have is whenever i try listening to my local media, the app completely goes haywire and freezes everything or just crashes and thats kind of a bummer because i really love the app and the equalizer. another problem is when i scroll down my reposts to load more songs, it refreshes and its a cycle of the same 50 or so songs. hopefully it can be fixed with a small patch

Arron Thomas June 30, 2017
I love this app but there seems to be some issues since patching. Firstly the new wave form doesn’t allow you to skip accurately anymore which I believe is a bug as I ha e switched between new and old and it seems to make no difference. Secondly tracks and mixs only seem to load now when I’m on WiFi and have had to switch back to the official SoundCloud app when out and about

June 28, 2017
There is a option in settings, disable new waveform

gardenpansy July 9, 2017
Disappointing. I used to love this app so much! Now, for some reason it will not play my playlists unless I press browse, and then click to play all the tracks. Will either not play or play a random song I never heard of if I attempt to play a playlist. A HUGE problem I was having months ago and still won’t solve when I reinstall is shuffling songs. idk of there is a song number limit, but I’ve got a bit over 700 reposts and back when I had maybe 650 it used to be about to shuffle no problem, even back to songs I reposted years ago. Now the app only shuffles the first 100 songs. I never did that back then. even when I scroll through the list, it will just go back to the first song and start the list over as I keep scrolling! Also does similar with my liked songs but will not scroll further after so many. Please fix 🙁 this used to be my favorite music app!

Matt Halpin July 13, 2017
There’s still something wrong with playlists for me. After I’ve got a few mixes in a playlist, I can’t add more. I just get “service error can’t connect to soundcloud” whenever I try to add things to a playlist. It doesn’t matter what network I’m on. Obviously souncloud isn’t down I can still browse and listen.

Marius Jigoreanu August 7, 2017
but often unstable. I think the devs should focus on stability, not only on looks and new functionality.

February 26, 2015
send crash reports or email with the bugs and issues. i’ll try to fix them.

Johnny B July 17, 2017
This app is a life saver because my Soundcloud app is broken on my MMD (Mobile Media Device) and will not let me sign into my account and this app works fine, thank you developer😎👍