Android Pluto TV – It’s Free TV Reviews

Joe Moon December 1, 2017
It is a great app. I love the Chromecast future and it works great. But it needs more content like mainstream Sports(SOCCER, basketball etc), entertainment and documentary… Very good overall but PLEASE easy up on the adds guys. It seems adds showing up more often by the week and it already turns me off and I find myself using it less and less…
Christopher Kendalls

A lot of commercials on the live channels, but the content is better than it was in the past. I only use it for the live movie channels. Like FilmOn but better. There is heavily pixelation on the commercials but none on the actual movies. And I’ve tried all three quality settings. I’d also like to see a live PopcornFlix channel. The Gravitas Channel is nice, as are Movies 1 and Movies 2.

Mark Harrington December 16, 2017
I have been using Pluto with an Android 6, 8 inch tablet and an Android 4.3 , 10 inch tablet , both high end ASUS tablets. Both tablets give exceptional play quality and resolution to the diverse menu of TV movies and my Pluto. Since a recent update however the portal for selecting between the modes of Pluto operation has disappeared on the Asus Transformer tf701 tablet unless I take the dedicated keyboard off then as a 10 inch tablet it works perfectly. At first I thought there was an incompatibility problem with the older Jelly Bean 4.3, possibly but as long as I take the keyboard off the Pluto app works perfectly. On my other tablet the 8-inch tablet which is Android 6.0.1, it works perfectly in all respects. That tablet by the way does not have a dedicated keyboard. Ve

David Breeden November 25, 2017
Used to be reasonable in ad length. Recently havent made it past one add sequence. Seriously over 12x of the same add back to back? I get that its free, but they are making $ with adds, buy im not going to watch 30 sec of movie with 10 min of adds which is when I stopped horrible do. It download! They passed the point to total greed and no return. Uninstall.

December 9, 2017
Apart from some buffering type issues, this app WAS pretty good until l updated it today. I would have given it 4 stars, but now it won’t show anything except a never ending black screen with a white circle & a white ball continuously circling it. C’mon Dev’s sort this out!

MCR BMTH P!atd Trash with no life December 24, 2017
This is something I’ve been looking for for so long!! Thank you guys for producing this app and making it’s existence known to many others who search for the same thing. There are interesting movies, and the best thing is that they’re all FREE! You won’t ever regret downloading this app

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em December 23, 2017
Freakin amazing! Love this app it just kills the data I’d recommend using it sparingly while using mobile data. (Update) I took it down a star because it cuts paranormal state off too early. Please fix this problem😭 I would really like to know if the families are still experiencing things or not. It gets a little into it and then that astronaut starts dancing around.

Paul Warman December 22, 2017
Pluto tv was an unexpected surprise. Looks and played great and the chromecast works great too. Lots of tv and movies that should satisfy everybody and I recommend this app. I don’t know how anybody would give a bad rating especially when it’s free. I’ve paid for apps like this that’s that’s had less. Don’t forget the music, has the oldies that I like too.

December 16, 2017
I love this app! Being in Washington State and trying to find other stuff to watch when regular TV is boring has gotten to hard for me. But Pluto TV is the best app ever! When I first downloaded this app, I was skeptical of it not being actual TV and movies. But when I tapped on the app and it opened, I fell in love with it. I watch shows and movies on this app and Tubi TV. But Pluto TV is by far, my most favorite. But I do have suggestions for a few shows that would be great for this app to show and I want to know where I should send them? My kids love cartoons, and I was hoping that one day this app would get to show Camp Lazlo and Ed, Edd and Eddy. Those are they’re only favorite shows and I was hoping to make a suggestion for them!

Matt Mann November 27, 2017
I love Pluto TV. I’ve mainly used it for Rifftrax and MST3K, but the fact those channels exist pushes it over top for me. Commercials are easy to digest, as long as rotation is good.. sometimes plays same ones over and over…. flipped through other channels, lots of content!

puppykicker December 8, 2017
WOW! It is rare that I will give an app with ads 5 stars. This one is great. I had no idea what to expect. I selected a movie (Death At A Funeral) that I had seen a while back and watched it. When the first ad came on, I was like, “Here we go.” But to my surprise it was over so fast that it was no bother at all. Very few interruptions through a two hour movie, and they were very short. Why can’t regular commercial television be more like that? People would respond to ads better if they weren’t made into such a nuisance. Thank you for this great app that proves that ads and programming can get along just fine!

George Reyes December 3, 2017
This app is awesome on a phone. On a play station 4 or Skystream box it is ok but unlike the phone the screen can’t be minimized to switch between tv shows or movies or to view the tv guide. If you come uo with a fix pleeeease post it.

Philip Spaulding November 25, 2017
Most of the time when you see free tv and movies they are ones you have never heard of or that aren’t very good. There is an IGN channel, gaming and tech channels, MST3K and Rifftrax channels, TNA Impact Wrestling channel, classic tv, horror movies, action and comedy. Oh and also the Eye Candy channel lol. Only problem is sometimes when watching an on demand video during a commercial if your finger accidentally touches the screen or you rotate your tablet the screen will go black but the audio still works. And it wont be just for the Pluto tv app the entire tablet will be this way. You cant see to close programs or reset the tablet, you have to reboot it completely.. Other than that I enjoy Pluto tv.

Larry Chisholm December 14, 2017
Good selection of streaming video channels. The commercials get repetitive, since there are only 4 or 5 of them, playing over and over and over again. I do hope that the app will eventually stop crashing for no good reason.

d wats December 16, 2017
Surprisingly decent. Only noticed one small issue, randomly on commercial break it sometimes looses the stream. Close all apps, restart Pluto and it comes right back. Failarmy FTW!

Jeo Camino November 26, 2017
poor experience on android TV. impossible to use any of the Bluetooth air mice or keyboards. needs a lot of work on landscape/TV form factors that have no touch input and rely on air keyboard and mouse

Spaceman Spliff December 19, 2017
It’s good if you don’t already have a cable provider. The channels are obscure and limited, but the small app size of just 7mb and the fact you can watch some sort of TV on it means you might enjoy it.

Matthew Kohutek December 6, 2017
Absolutely the best! Virtualy no load time for streaming! Great content! I am severely impressed! I am currently using this even more than popcorn! There are adds but in no way are they obtrusive to the user. Excellent job developers! This one’s a jem! I’m keeping this one on my phone forever!

Linda Lee December 21, 2017
One of the best tv apps…wonderfully designed & works well. Ads are not all over the place. Its like watching regular tv. I do have one issue though 😉 when app first came out tjey had so many 80’s & 90’s tv shows like Beverly Hills 90210, 7th Heaven…but they no longer have that channel I dont believe its their fault though (hunches shoulder) Other than that no complaints here!

Chris Spears December 1, 2017
I have to say I love this app! As a person without satellite/cable this app is unbelievable. Has tons of different categories with new movies and lots of classics as well. By far the best free app on the market for TV and movie selections. Thanks for making it developers.

Alexander Baylog December 17, 2017
I’m going insane watching the same, exact commercials every time it cuts the show. Please please please get more sponsors and play different commercials. This is a huge problem with streaming services and needs to be talked about. Please for the love of god, before all of humanity snaps while watching advertisements!

Jeremy W December 24, 2017
It is free, and the “flicks of fury” channel, which shows nonstop Kung fu movies, is absolutely worth it. I’m OK with the amount of commercials as long as they don’t make them any longer or more often. Great in the current state.

Ren Mar December 26, 2017
Wonderful app. Except it’s filled with commercials.They are not only repetitive to the point of annoyance, but they play every 5 minutes into your program. Uninstalled. Perhaps once the programming is more stable, I may re-download.

H Nice guy November 27, 2017
I love this app. It’s one of my favs..but it had a hard time loading and device frequently has to be rebooted and app right now it will not load. So I cannot watch the news..I don’t have cable so if this app malfunctions I cannot access news..although that was the reason I don’t have cable and I threw my antenna away…LOL cause commercials suck just as bad as some news agencies😋 I see other users are having same problem..hmm are the cable companies messing up app…LOL I bet cable companies are pissed about this app😁

T Turner November 20, 2017
*edit* I need to be able to change the quality on Android TV version also, I don’t have unlimited home Internet bandwidth. What’s not to like, the Android TV version could use some attention on switching to full screen.

Mr.E Edits December 14, 2017
This is mainly a liberal app with left wing news and it has older movies. Now if this app puts on Fox news and more better channels than I would give it a 5 star rating. 😎

Steve Forbes November 29, 2017
You deleted my last review and comments about my problem? I gave three stars then, now you get one! After your last update the menu that would appear on the top after tapping the screen on my tablet, is now gone! The TV part of the app works and that’s it. Can’t choose any movies. Only the TV up and down arrows to change the channel work. This needs addressing. It’s doing this on both my tablets. One is a lollipop version and the other is Marshmallow.

James Elkins December 4, 2017
I really like this app I think it’s a 5 star app except for a few things. 1) I think there should be more then a 15 sec rewind or forward feature 30 sec would be nice. 2) Please add a search feature and 3) list so I can save my favorite movies to watch for later. Ads seems about normal for a free app wish there was less but what do you expect for FREE. Add those features and fix some bugs and you have a 5 star rating from me.

David Parker November 26, 2017
Was a great app until last update, now it doesn’t work. Just a spinning circle. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it but didn’t fix it. Guess the devs don’t care and just want the ad money now. What a shame.

James Brink December 1, 2017
OK, so you recently included low quality settings. Bravo, but the load times as well as amount of MB used on low setting is absurd. Also, I have a perfect setting of wireless information (aka Wi-Fi fer those that do not know), Why, is it with settings set to low at 10 feet away it takes 5+ minutes of initial buffering? The load times are unacceptable, and buffering is annoying at best. So as a free app it is barely OK. We are forced to watch the derned commercial, so allow us the best XPerince. Stop cheating.

CapriqueenRoxie November 29, 2017
Does anyone know how to connect it to a Vizio TV?? I’m trying to figure it out and I just can’t!?🤦Help please!!

NOYB DITTO December 5, 2017
It’s cool. Stream like it’s live cable TV channels.. But what happened to the weather channel?? And when in horizontal view on a tablet how do you switch back and forth to channel lineup??

Eleanor King November 28, 2017
This used to be so much better before they made you have to use an app on your laptop now there is no on demand that I can find after they’ve gone off and bragged about there being on demand, but that’s only found on my phone app. I can’t afford a smart TV to cast to. I used to love watching Pluto and then they messed it up. Now they need to fix it.

December 14, 2017
Have had the app about two months. Apps usually get better over time, not worse (hopefully). Can really appreciate a “resume”. There is plenty to choose from and that is fantastic. Almost G-R-E-A-T. GRADE? B+

Robert Stanfield December 17, 2017
Like it for the most part but there’s no channel guide and no menu so you have to go channel to channel to see what’s on instead of going to a guide and seeing at a glance what’s on and going to that one channel kind of a pain in the ass

W Arnquist December 20, 2017
Great idea and some worthwhile channels in the mix. Performance is generally good on the phone. Chromecast seems to have difficulty and buffers every several minutes. Ads repeat way too often making me want to ignore the promoted brands. Some channels repeat the same content endlessly, and there is one or two that don’t ever load. No split screen or pop out support :(. For the on-demand content, really need a way to skip more than 15 seconds! When the Chromecast lost its connection an hour and a half into a movie, the resume feature didn’t work, so it started from the beginning. We had to press the +15sec over and over for a looong time to get back to where we were – almost gave up. The biggest annoyance is when the channel menu and show listing don’t line up. Then you can’t tell what’s on! It happens all the time and have to restart the app. I love that PlutoTV exists – it’s a great first step when cord cutting and greatly needed right now, but it’s sooo buggy. Please do some work on it! Thanks

Michael Anderson December 2, 2017
Holy mother of God!! 52,192 repetitive commercials per show? Who the hell is funding this company? Deleted.

Clayton Crawford December 6, 2017
I downloaded Pluto TV on my Google Nexus Player & I am totally amazed at this app, it has a TON of good movies for FREE, 100% FREE, as well as TV, I don’t even know how many tv channels it has yet, the app works amazingly well on my Nexus Player, I hope that this app stays this way & doesn’t change, Google’s Android market has become so commercial that when an app is too good to be true it doesn’t stay aon Play Store for very long or it changes & is nowhere near as good, this app is PERFECT, DON’T change it, if ain’t broke don’t fix it !!!!!

Derrick Jones December 12, 2017
Such a neat concept, however, it takes some getting used to since the programming is a little different from what we are a custom to. Those back to back repeating commercials are a real turnoff though.

Anissa Trujillo December 10, 2017
So far so good. Really didn’t even have to sign into anything or even make an account. Downloaded and installed and started watching right away. Love there’s so much to choose from

Doug December 14, 2017
If you enjoy watching never ending commercials and ads then this is the app for you! You must view between 5 -7 commercials before your show even begins and after 8 min of the show its another 5-7 full length commercials over and over and over again throughout the entire show and forget channel surfing on here because as soon as you go to another selection YEP another 5–7 commercials before it even starts. Now I fully understand why so many say this app and service sucks and nobody I know has kept it longer than 1 hour before uninstalling it.

Jen H Ryan December 16, 2017

Anthony Mackenzie December 10, 2017
Updated to 2 stars until they address the channel guide.. It’s been that way as far back as I remember and they just won’t do anything about it.. it just isnt built for tablets or phones. there should be a tablet version similar to the roku version. my tablet is set up like a laptop with a keyboard so going portrait just to look at the channel guide is ridiculous. i want to love this app but it is also slow even on high speed wifi..just too many issues for a 5 star but theres no other app like it.. but having to rotate your tablet or phone just to see the channel guide is absolutely stupid. The app is worthless on a tablet or Android box.. Much easier to find the same content on YouTube.. And without ads . I was willing to sit thru ads without a problem but not with an app that doesn’t function in landscape mode… Still waiting for this to be addressed.. Many people complain about it but the devs do nothing.. Guess they’re happy with their ad money.. I remember the days when this growing company actually cared about people’s concerns.. Now it’s just about the ads

BJ McCarty November 23, 2017

Jacklyn Gonzalez December 15, 2017
I have only had it for a short period of time. And so far I love it. It has shows that I haven’t seen in years. It would be great if it had the talk shows on it. But its great!😉

John Jordan November 24, 2017
I give 1 star because of Google running an ad every 10 seconds ruining the experience. If this can be fixed I’ll get the app later.

Chala Hammitt December 5, 2017
This is, by far, the best t.v. app EVER! It has all of my favorite movies, and it’s completely free! No sign in, no contract with a TV provider needed! No unlocking of anything needed. It’s super simple! Just pick what you want, and watch it! I would leave a hundred stars if it asked me to!

Cody X November 21, 2017
Five commercials every four minutes+nearly incessant loading that typically leads right back to those same five commercials. Not worth the trouble.

Ward Furman November 21, 2017
Great free content, but needs basic features like previously viewed or favorites list, ability to scrub through on demand to find a specific point in the movie, and a simple search for titles.

Ryan Berry November 29, 2017
This is my first time installing it. My friend told me. Only thing I see rightnow is I don’t see option for CC but so far It’s okay

James Parrish December 3, 2017
Very good. I really like it except for the commercials. It would be a 5+ platform if they would do away with the ads. If they would do like Hula, Netflix and Amazon Prime and charge a certain amount and get rid of the ads they would be a great app.

Athena Braun December 29, 2017
So I’m bored with regular t.v. but love old classic movies, vincent price well this fits the bill..It does have some news channels which is good bad news it’s slanted..just like most reg. T.v., also U need a guide for tablet users. A weather channel would b awesome..80’s cartoons would be great..but at least I have somethjng to watch now cause my tv hardly gets turned except for the weather..please put back on the original 90210 I loved that show..just for the classics themselves u get a 4..u do the above 5

Michelle.C. Trujillo December 3, 2017
I like late news that i can watch what happen during the day.Speciy political. I can see sports movies .

Jay Hardman November 22, 2017
Before the last update, I would have given this app a rave review, but it doesn’t work now. I just get spinning waiting/loading circles. Congrats on ruining your own app.

Jeremy Hagseth December 19, 2017
I like it…alot. pixels are better than hulu. Decent selection of movies, news is ok (but i dont watch it). And the price is right!!!

December 5, 2017
I changed my opinion! Wonderful little app. But must be monitored by parents of small children. Thank you Pluto! You’re the best!

Renato Maschion December 3, 2017
impossible to see the list of shows. I can only change channels up or down. from settings, only video quality works

Jerammy McFarland December 14, 2017
This app was perfect. I recommended it to friends. Then it quit working. I felt ashamed for recommending the app. Please fix. I would love to give you 5 stars

Marilyn C. November 24, 2017
Great app, but you have MSNBC & ‘NOT’ CNN?? – if so, I can’t find it. 🙁 I hate MSNBC! Arrrggghhh!!!

Howard Thirtle November 28, 2017
Turns on my phone screen by itself. -5 stars. This is malware. Used to have good music video channels, nothing good now.

Ira Solomon November 25, 2017
Terrible audio video sync. Video image lags horribly behind the audio quite often when linked with my smart TV.

Randall Lillard December 18, 2017
Great way to watch free tv. Great on the ps4 not so much on the tablet. tends to freeze and reload otherwise id give it 5 stars
Brian Moylett December 19, 2017
Overall good app. It does what it says, just know ads pop up about every 8- 10 minutes but worth putting up with

Thomas Beckett December 5, 2017
I have had now problems with this app, just wish they had a larger movie selection and lost a top or 2 on Kaloopy (=”

Steve Lovell December 1, 2017
It’s free, but that’s the only benefit. Keeps stopping we hen connected to Chromecast and has network connectivity issues as well 🙁

Jimmie Cockerill December 4, 2017
Solid. You’ll have to get used to a whole new channel line up if you’ve just switched. But this is the best I’ve found. Solid.

Tommee Lam December 20, 2017
Constantly buffering. But ad’s don’t have issues only shows and movies. Buffer ever 5-10 secs of watching. Update.. advertisement every 5-8 mins of watching. So annoying.. Advertisement is ridiculous. Don’t download…..

Kenneth Nootbaar December 28, 2017
This is the best app . Pluto tv. Your not going to find better any where , thanks Pluto for giving TV back .