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Steven Pacheco September 18, 2016
Please fix disconnect bug. Love the concept of this app but the poorly designed interface and random DC make it impossible to use for me. Note 4
Jeffrey Mclaurin November 21, 2016
Can’t connect Every time I click cast tv show 404 error
Carl Richardson December 28, 2016
Cromecast1066 Utube
Mirza Rahmanovic July 21, 2014
Works, but quirky Often doesn’t react on pressing “start” button. You then need to either disconnect and reconnect to the Chromecast, or edit or reenter the search phrase and try start button again.
Stacy Farah September 6, 2014
Fantastic app This app is great thank you, how can I share this app on Fb so my friends know about it?
Jason Reuter July 29, 2014
Nice feature Some times just looses connection but pretty handy.
Simon Paang
Only works if you stay on this app When you switch app.. the program will stop
brad jackson September 4, 2014
Junk Doesn’t work
VALENTIN TULUCEANU November 21, 2016
doesn’t have any settings to search the tv..!!
Fahad J August 16, 2016
I can’t read what’s written in (what’s new) part
Kimberly Dvorak August 18, 2016
I like it
Md. Taposh November 7, 2014
It’s Good Android 4.
Bodapati Krishna September 9, 2016

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