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Bob Raisbeck November 28, 2017
Junk. As others have noted, it fails to download for offline listening. Says it is downloading but when you get home the show is not there. When you want to inform them, they are still on a planet where email is the only option. Government and software are not a good mix here in Canada (Google “Phoenix”…..) Gonna uninstall this lemon for now, maybe give it another look in a few months.
Brandon M December 17, 2017
Streams normally work well, but back catalogs are very unreliable. Vinyl Cafe regularly disappears from the list, and only occasionally has episodes available.
Muhanad Abdul Hay December 3, 2017
Ideas (for Paul Kennedy) is my favorite show on cbc radio… and all episodes are available as podcasts in the app…. can’t ask for more!
Conor O’Neill November 11, 2017
Pretty decent app overall but it breaks often when they update it.
Singing Steve November 25, 2017
Icons for catagories don’t go anywhere
Alnoor Allidina December 17, 2017
Works well for my needs..
Meharvan Singh November 26, 2017
Gives access to podcasts in an easy to use interface
Altonye Williams November 13, 2017
It suck
Jamie Glover November 1, 2017
5 stars if it had a landscape mode like on the competitions app. Works good for someone who just wants to listen to radio one.
Graeme Brown November 4, 2017
Great app. The playback volume is quieter than other audio playback apps, which is hopefully a quick fix!
Randy Shinduke November 2, 2017
Doesn’t play nice with my chromecast audio.
Ross Clarke November 6, 2017
Does not work with chromecast.
Cara Smith October 2, 2017
My issue with this app is that it constantly just quits streaming on me and I have to press the play button two or three times to get it to start up again. Definitely needs work. I’ve officially given up and started using a third party app instead, which works perfectly. It shouldn’t be this difficult to get your own feed to work if it’s not a problem for other apps.

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