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Robert Miller October 3, 2017
Very interesting approach to merging different sources and data into one app
Stefan S. June 27, 2016
Getting better, pls add also Audio Chromecast Support.
Oscillate June 27, 2016
Stefan, Chromecast Audio is now supported although it’s early days. We’ve noticed the first track takes time to play but after that YouTube, SoundCloud and the other sources all play. If you are not able to connect and play on a Chromecast Audio please let us know some details (save the playlist as public etc…)
Philippa Surdova May 30, 2016
Getting good Latest update, with SoundCloud user improvements, Echonest artist radio, Hype Machine playlists and better overall integration, along with more robust Chromecast functionality has me won over.
Evan Levine
Really poor overall Definitely not worth a yearly subscription, nonetheless a one time charge. I bought the app so I could stream SoundCloud to my Chromecast. Once you struggle through the poor interface and find the track you’d like to stream, it take several attempts to get the track to play. When streaming podcasts on SoundCloud, I fail to make it through the entirety every single time. It just cuts out. I wish I could find a better alternative.
Clyde S’Dale March 14, 2015
Doesn’t work Finds nothing on device, throws an IO data connection error ••• uninstalled
David Levenson January 16, 2015
Great App Developer responds quickly to emails and resolves application issues quickly. You won’t be disappointed.
Daniel Strom
Great app Any chance of direct support for sftp and smb network servers? Even upnp media server sort would be great. I dint store music on my tablet because waste of space when my computers have it all on the network at home and Google music has it elsewhere.

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