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Jasper 侯 September 20, 2017
It is a great app
Dmytro Ovdiienko July 14, 2017
The most convenient, user friendly Kodi remote for Android. What you need is just few clicks away. Well designed. Fully functional. Works fast. Much better than Yatse. I love it.
Austin D August 13, 2017
The best Kodi remote in my opinion.
Lucian Grey March 19, 2017
Its okay, ui is a little..confusing but it works for the most part
Subhadip Majumder March 10, 2017
Need more work but i realy like the app
Music Pump March 11, 2017
I have constantly improved the app over the last 5 years based on my personal needs and user feedback. If you have an actual feature request or would like to see some improvement/change just send an email and ask. Note: The unlocked version has many additional features. See
Doodeldy Doo January 10, 2017
perfect By far the best kodi remote. Well designed UI. My favourite feature is that I can easily switch between local and remote playback.
Mario Fenech January 18, 2017
Best kodi remote so far..installed this and got rid of the rest
lamb duh February 18, 2017
Great app! I’ve been using it for some time now and I liked it enough to buy it. It would be awesome if it remembered my preference for playing locally on phone rather than on my desktop. I’ll press play at my buddy’s house and then realize that I’m blasting loud music at home after midnight LOL. So dev! If you could add in an option to prefer local playing that would be swell.. and if not.. I’m still satisfied with my purchase.
Jeff November 11, 2016
Problems Why can’t I sort by recently added? Please add

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