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December 12, 2017
This is great, love SomaFm, but the app doesn’t close unless I force close. I’m not sure if this is because the app wants to continue in the background, but hopefully this will be fixed soon. 5 Stars when fixed 😅
David Collins December 18, 2017
Promising platform for Soma, with simple interface and good graphics but album/artist/track info is a must and maybe even artist mini graphic. When that is done, 5 stars and I will purchase premium! How is this development going anyhow?
Kevin Cahill December 13, 2017
Not bad. Add a playlist or track info and I’ll buy the premium version.
Edd Barrett December 5, 2017
Almost perfect. I cant find a way to know which track is playing. Could this be implemented please? Bought premium anyway to support the app.
December 5, 2017
No track name. Bummer. Otherwise great app. I would buy, but there’s no track name…
Really appreciate what you’ve done with this app, I would however like a playlist so I can know what is playing. Other than that its a great app to listen to soma fm stations!
jim hughes December 2, 2017
Free version only gives low quality 32kbs streams. 😣
Tony Dicken November 27, 2017
stefano ascari December 2, 2017
No playlist?
Vex Harvy November 8, 2017
Crashing seems to have been fixed in latest update. Still hoping the ability to display now playing is possible in a future update. Will most likely be sticking with this as the new player.
Carl Barbitta November 22, 2017
Was just what I needed, I’ve been supporting SomaFM for years and was very disappointed when they stopped updating their own app. Alpha+ does what I want, it plays SomaFM stations. You can save favorite channels, but it does not display song information. A sleep timer would be helpful as well, but overall very good.

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