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Jared McMullen April 24, 2017
I like it! Would give it 5 starts if it showed me what was playing. I see the channel, but not the song info. Other than that, solid app.
Wolfgang Schmitt September 17, 2017
This is one of the best radio apps, with a wide selection of stations, easy configurability and a responsive support in case a stream stops working.
Abdullah Kajee October 28, 2017
It is a wonderful app to have. I do not know why 94.5 FM does not work anymore…any reason for ?
markus gu June 12, 2017
Since last update does not work any more so i uninstalled this app
René-Louis Lacurie July 17, 2017
It just works all the time, even on bad network connections
Giovanni Accetta November 21, 2017
Very nice app. Well made and easy to use. All the radio I like to listen are there and the emissions information are complete and searchable. Suggestions of improvement: read and download podcasts.
David Laštovička August 29, 2017
Simple and great at the same time. I am just missing the possibility of an off-line playback.
Sympa, mais ça plante quand même souvent. Met longtemps avant de démarrer une station.
Ali Nakhai July 22, 2017
Can’t connect to any stations. ASUS MemoPad Lollipop
Cherish Loomis March 20, 2017
Best stations of this year!!!
May 2, 2017
Simple and good quality sound
Vamara Coulibaly August 4, 2017
Very useful!
January 20, 2017
I like the large choice u get ani can save the stachens that i like u have a lot that i like an every 1 of the 1 pick is cool this is my first time i have a raido but there is not many stachens any more an the stachens on your radio i dont have any problems with u make me very happy thank u very much keep it up thats with a smile

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