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Nina De Angelis December 12, 2017
Absolutely LOVE this app! Way better experience than I’ve had with similar companies. The credit system is awesome and so worth it. You can buy extra credits whenever you want, which means you can get very expensive, long audiobooks for extremely discounted prices (like I did with the Game of Thrones series). Only thing I’ve had issues with is to make sure you’ve got the app running and your book chosen before you put it on airplane mode or go where you don’t have service, otherwise it likes to give you a hard time.
Lara Peterson December 5, 2017
All the same books I want but much cheaper. Found all the books I wanted right away, the player’s got some nice controls features I like. I’m on my fourth book so far this has been v. good
December 14, 2017
Very happy!
Greg VanCleve December 1, 2017
Love it….,
Le Grand Catalan
The book series I’m listening to became not available to be purchased with credits; it was before. I reccomend for you to check if the book you want to listen to is available to be purchased with credits before subscribing to a plan. It is not stated in the Plan Options(at least through the desktop page) that 10% of the catalog cannot be purchased with credits. You have to dig into the site to know.
Timothy F November 28, 2017
Great app for audiobooks.
December 1, 2017
Marvelous. Great value
The Efrons
I started listening to audibooks with Audible in 2010 and listened to dozens so far. Happy to be able to switch away from them to eStories. What I really appreciate about eStories is the ability to stream without having to load a heavy book to my device. Always found what I searched for.

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