Lemon – MP3 Music Player (No Ads) Google Play Store Download

Sarah Blatter October 21, 2017
a nice player with great capabilites. it says to blame google for the slow update times when you update tgw tags but other player apps don’t experience the same lag.
Matt Turner December 2, 2017
Wanted an ad free music player to listen to music from my SD card and wanted to view by artist rather than composer with, for example, The Beatles under B instead of T. This app does all this with a simple, customisable display. Perfect.
Eliza Ward October 31, 2017
The only thing I wish you could do is multi – select songs in a playlist to remove them from the playlist. Then this would be perfect.
December 5, 2017
I love this App but every time i close the app and open in again my album covers dissappear. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX???
Tommy Pelumy October 25, 2017
Very good music player but the only issue is unable to press the next song from earpiece.
Clyde Rottin November 25, 2017
bout time for y’all to get here with a friendly music player and a free one… thanks again for all of them extras
Shyam sunder Mishra November 1, 2017
I think so it is the best music that I have ever used
Esther Hammer December 20, 2017
I Like It
November 20, 2017
Good app, better when Chang photo in tag editor..
Gangesh Gunjan October 24, 2017
Best music app without ads and mistake
arvind tikekar November 8, 2017
Good Sound,Good Equilizer,Adfree,Easy and Simple.
ShadowCape October 8, 2017
Awesome music app
Erick johnson October 4, 2017
This Is Perfect
September 28, 2017
Very nice
sachin jethuri July 8, 2017
Great app for music ,thanks for this
September 2, 2017
Great job
Masss TV Channel October 5, 2017
Chandan Dey

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