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William K. Reece November 7, 2017
Love this app, very nice app, and the best one of its kind. BUT since last update it’s not doing as well probably need to fall back. Have 6 android devices w/different OS’s and does the same in the 3 that l have; 4.4.2, 6.0, 5.0. It seems to freeze when you clk on a different scene. Will say app not responding. That’s what up
jonathan pressure November 11, 2017
Love the visuals
Michael Geimer October 19, 2017
So like the visuals. Went Pro for adding music still trying to find out how that works… I have some time on my hands to fool around with it… Never give up Never give in Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin! ☺
October 14, 2017
Visuals rock ass
april ellis October 5, 2017
It was pretty cool
Nathan Collins August 5, 2017
Massive BATTERY draining.. Only use this while access to charging device’s.
I really really dig this app, but it uses a ton of data…
meri york August 21, 2017
Could not figure out how to use it
Mobile Visuals August 29, 2017
Touch the screen on any of the visuals. A player will then appear. Press play and the music will start. It is explained in the “help” section on the menu.
Kevin Dooley July 30, 2017
Fantastic visuals! Mesmerizing
Uncle Rick July 17, 2017
Very pretty graphics. The only thing is that many of them seem to look very similar to some others. I understand & that you are working on these apps, but you need more variety of patterns, please.
Mobile Visuals July 28, 2017
The new 3D-worlds “Pulsating galaxy” and “Radiowave flight” have been added. 2 visuals , which were similar to other ones have been removed. Hope you find the app more stimulating now! No visuals similar to other ones left on the app now.

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