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Ted Engel December 20, 2017
I think this is an extremely underrated app, and I thank the developers for making it available to us .
MSoftapps December 16, 2017
Thank you so much for your support. This kind of comment help me to improve the app and add new features. A new update will be released very soon 🙂 Best regards
100 100 August 15, 2017
I’ve made a stupid mistake and having a moan about the adds on PRO. I can confirm this is not the case. When you upgrade unlike me remember to delete the free app. Otherwise you will get all the PRO extras including adds. The new app is named, CLOUD AUDIO PRO. I’ve just updated this review within the last hour. I absolutely recommend you upgrade. My apology to the developer.
Chris Metropolis November 5, 2017
Overall the app is great; it is missing just ONE piece to get 5 stars. It can connect to a Chromecast, but NOT a Chromecast Audio! At least, it can’t see my audio device.
MSoftapps November 15, 2017
Hi , Chris , I’ve updated the chromecast and enabled the support for audio only . Please make a try in the next few hours and tell me if things are working well on Best regards
Marjan Samooty October 23, 2017
1star is even too much. Can’t even run and load stations after installation, saying operation time out …while similar apps play smoothly on my phone. Waste of time and data usage
August 21, 2017
I like the overall sound quality. There are some drops/shutdowns during broadcasts, not sure if this is the app or the phone signal.
WOW! This net radio has now knocked the ultimate TUNEIN radio app off the top spot perch… This budgie plays back the channels that tunein cant due to country restrictions & without constant buffer problems. Tunein devs WATCH OUT!

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