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Ruth Riddel May 18, 2017
it crashes in the middle of playback and often inexplicably starts an episode over. however, all of my biggest problems are with playlists. they’re pathetically slow to start an episode in – i almost always have to leave or even close and restart the app – and i find that often two to four episodes are skipped in the middle of an episode for no apparent reason at all. seriously considering moving away.
Vitaly Zdanevich April 21, 2017
I can not play many episodes – without any error on screen – just nothing when push to play button 🙁
AppO2 November 16, 2015
Hi, it will still list as new to old, but when you play them, they’ll use the order you have choosed.
Al Rodrighes February 11, 2017
It’s great because it’s simple. Exactly what I was looking for.
Mikhaila Yeketerina June 29, 2016
Dissapointed at best. This podcast app used to work all the time and be very fast with streaming, but it’s not the case anymore. It would stop in the middle of a podcast and restart what I was listening to without my pressing any buttons, and the speed of podcsat playback used to be 1 second, now it’s 10 minutes… Very dissapointed
Hadlee Simons
Using it on every Android phone I review. Could do with a more comprehensive catalogue but otherwise, fantastic offline functionality, solid design and speedy performance makes it my go-to podcast app.
jack frazier June 18, 2016
Please tell me where the offline settings are at.
azul May 27, 2016
Amazing app Very simple but powerful!
preeti lamba May 26, 2016
Liudmer Odaase April 20, 2016
Nice … But can it be possible for the cover to show without the description, I’d like to see the cover image without that black shade and description

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