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Lee Gridley September 10, 2017
A decent music player! The radio search function, coupled with easy access to locally stored music, is a godsend. Great sound (no EQ though) wrapped up in an intuitive menu system that’s simple, concise and effective. No way of re-ordering playlists though which is an annoyance. However, so far so good. UPDATE: developer needs prompting to respond to queries eg demotion of stars or a slighly less enthusiastic review
Peter Molitor September 10, 2017
This app looks incredible! The design is great. It’s been very functional and useful although I can’t wait for more of the radio features to come back. My only issue currently is that the notification for music playing randomly pops up even when I’m not using the app or playing music.
Ray Ambrosini December 2, 2017
I took a ‘wait and see’ approach with this app after I purchased it nearly 4 months ago, but after watching the developers constantly deleting any and all threads that question where much-needed updates are on their google plus page, I feel I have no choice but to leave negative feedback. The player is functional, but extremely buggy, and the developer hasn’t delivered fixes outside of one quick patch a week or so after the app’s public launch. Despite being a paid-only app with no free option, the developer treats their customers as though they are of no importance – stating at least once that they had ‘no desire’ to work on the
Yash Bhan Singh August 29, 2017

Atleast add some few more features on radio search engine like Region based + Genere based searching feature to increase ease of use. However I found some Indian region radio stations on search but 😞. Also, the only reason I bought this app is because of radio stream service 😊. But just because of featureless radio station search engine, I’m regretting on my decision of buying this app 😢. I hope such described feature will be added @$@P. In order to satisfy users.

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