Morphing Tunnels – Trance LWP Google Play Store Download

Tony Mclean November 30, 2017
On a high end Galaxy Note 8 With 4K AMOLED display and 6 GHz processing speed, There is really no word to describe just how amazing this is!! Especially when paired to a high and 4K T.V. or the Gear VR headset! DEFINITELY planning to spend the $2 when the money goes on my card…
Jonathan Santoyo November 6, 2017
ur tunnel in tl trance
James Greene October 28, 2017
I was a few years of my life!
Rosaleefavorites porras December 1, 2017
Its pretty straight,it will do.
Casey Ryan September 20, 2017
How do I shut the music off?! This is very inconvenient. It just comes on at random!
Mobile Visuals October 26, 2017
You just have to press the “back” button. 🙂
James Hendrixjr October 15, 2017
Had short days had so far so good
Billy Bullock October 15, 2017
Bee JayGee
Dustin Mize January 10, 2017
Teriffic idea Repetitive. Saw same pattern in center of 3 versions. But think it’s a great idea anyway! Wonder if you can simulate the pattern of bubbles in a saucepan when making fudge?
January 14, 2017
It’s the longest I’ve ever looked at wallpaper Better than some football matches I’ve watched
Annette Sanford February 26, 2017
It’s alright. Lot of adds when navigating in the app itself. And the tunnel movement is all the same. I’d like different speed and movements to go with the different themes.
kim booze September 13, 2017
The only problem I had it doesn’t fill the screen when the phone is turned
March 18, 2017
Pretty good designs, like to see a bit more variations in the way they transition though but im not the one developing it !!! nice work
khalid raja April 27, 2017
Hate this it only have 1 wallpaper which is very silly 😤😤
Adam only zuel
Awesome! Only problem is non stop adds, and constant pop ups to buy full version

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