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Astraea Luminata June 14, 2017
This app used over a gig of background data over cell – I rarely used it, thanks guys you ate up half of my limit of 2 gigs I would like to know what for.
Tony Crichton May 20, 2017
I paid for the premium version and it never gave it to me. I like the free version but I thought I would enjoy the premium version better but I can’t tell you if it’s any good or not. I wouldn’t buy the premium version until they fix it.
Mobile Visuals August 14, 2017
Caused by bugs in Googles servers, which happens rarely, but sometimes. Please contact me on and I will send you a SPECIAL BUILT VERSION of this app, which will work. I will also send you paid version of 2 other apps as a compensation if you reply.
kev o May 19, 2017
Bought premium but since upgrading I cant use premium features or do anything with the premium options
Stephen Stern August 6, 2017
Hey. I paid for upgrade for nothing to happen. iv reported the developer to Google
Eric Brent Gingell Junior June 15, 2017
It won’t even open.
Chris Porcellini June 7, 2017
Visually stunning. I just wish it had a lock screen option.
John Kotz March 3, 2017
assholes make it jerk-offs make it nearly impossible to navigate through this Labyrinth of garbage and adds unless you pay for their s***. Complete garbage. They will not let you do anything unless you buy their garbage
Lori Zachek January 25, 2017
Awesome graphics! Love it
Dean Alan March 19, 2017
Very awesome app.
Matthew Inchley January 7, 2017
Bit glitchy compared to your other apps BIT GLITCHY or quick little speed variances wich kinda’ lets the whole app down guys, sorry!!! Apart from that it is xlnt.

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