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Akari Akaza April 4, 2017
Flawless! Such a shame that I haven’t found out about this app earlier. Controls my UPMPD renderer without any issue. Global volume control is great addition. Don’t let the UI give you a bad impression – it has all the features you need.
April 22, 2017
This app is broken. The app repeatedly tries to open and adjust the volume of my phone. Had to force close it just to take back control of the top of my screen. Fix this and I’ll try again. It’s a shame, the description made this app sound promising…
Krzysztof MXF. April 5, 2017
Just hangs while searching for devices.
Bill Barry December 31, 2016
Five stars – works flawlessly No ads, no purchases. Doesn’t want to own your phone. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do – control renderers in a UPnP/DLNA network. Drives Chromecast clean no fuss like a champ. Kudos to the dev for a nice piece of code. Very clean uncluttered interface as well. Good UX.
Kevin Yacucci November 25, 2015
This app is great. Plays music from my home UPnP server and allows me to remotely control my desktop mediamonkey setup. I got more that I wanted with this app. However I had some issues while adjusting volume in the UPnP player. The audio begins rapidly changing level until the app ends up crashing. The app crash usually brings down my launcher as well. Otherwise this app would get a 5/5.
Giuliano David December 30, 2015
Can’t find the way to automatically play next song in playlist. Maybe a problem on my DLNA render device but other controllers work. For all the rest, good app. Light, fast, no ads, simple and intuitive. Sorry, 2 stars for the “next song” problem.

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