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Eugene P. December 8, 2017
This is really nice and works like a charm. 4* because it’s not perfect: there’s no way to remove ads, many stations cannot be found (like Doctor FM, Pro FM Rock, Radio Cafe, Radio Guerrilla and many many others) – I could add’em manually, obviously, but it’s a pain in the ass and there’s no way to sign in and save the favourites like other similar apps do.
Voulimiotis Ioannis December 12, 2017
Thank you very much for your review! Removing ads and favorites synchronization are already planned and will be implemented on an update during the next year. As you may have noticed the stations have been added!
Panos Pournaras December 14, 2017
A very well made app. [Update/Reply] Could have been a 5-star rating with a better interface design. Although functionality is perfect, the looks are reminiscent of Android’s very early stages.
Voulimiotis Ioannis December 14, 2017
Thank you very much for your review. I couldn’t but notice you rated with 4 stars. Is there something you didn’t like or something you looked for and weren’t able to find? Your feedback matters a lot. I would appreciate if you shared the reason that hold you back from rating with all of the stars. Thank you for responding!
Manolis Minadakis
Very handy app. Perfect for the purpose it serves and with the right amount of ads. The only downside is that the UI needs some work, it looks a bit oldish
Ioannis Paliogiannis December 2, 2017
Love the application. We need an option to remove ads. (Everything has a price 🙂
Dimitris Babilis December 11, 2017
Can u please add Easy 97.2? (Athina)
Voulimiotis Ioannis December 11, 2017
Wow. Suddenly today everyone asks about this station. Unfortunately I cannot add it because the Antenna Group has prohibited the streaming of this station outside of their applications and websites. Please get in contact with them in order to ask for a change in their policy and allow the streaming from third party radio applications like VRadio.

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