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Daniel Fichtner June 4, 2017
AdWare Schrott
Koni October 15, 2017
Als privater Entwickler habe ich kein Interesse an irgendwelchen User-Daten, daher ist die App eher kein AdWare 🙂 . Mit einer kleinen Spende ab 2 Euro kann man die Werbung komplett deaktivieren.
BlackDuck April 24, 2017
Super Koni, jetzt passts 100%! Dankä Vilmal.
Koni September 2, 2014
Ciao Dan. Deine Wünsche werden doch prompt erfüllt. Mit dem a-z Menü bekommst du eine alphabetische Liste der Sender, LoungeRadio aus Wettingen ist drin, Groove Salad ist in der neuen Version drin. Sonst noch Wünsche 😉 ?
January 14, 2017
you Cant add new radios I deinstalled just after installing . I need a program that I can add new radio stations that I want to record
amon chakma December 9, 2016
it’s working! now i can record slam fm mmix marathon! 😃
December 19, 2016
Not working Does not connect to any station!
Mujeeb Ahmed
Best.. Loved it
David Cantatore August 23, 2015
Great but could be improved The list of stations is too limited, I would love being able to manually add streams.
Sri Rama Krishna Tiragati September 15, 2015
Its ok.. Worth the 5 stars if Add more stations. Also add song details like album art, name of the song, artist and album. Material design would be even better.
alokjyoti aloksamal December 10, 2015
Best Radio App Well organized great app.Needs more stations to be added like winamp
sunil sunny October 30, 2015
Hartmut Krafft February 9, 2015
Could do better Pros: opens streams quickly, opens streams in high quality by default, simple design makes it simple to use. Cons: interface is like a 1990s website. Most of the time, streams stop for no reason after about 20 minutes. Restarted streams then keep running. Wishes: please offer material design UI, fix stream bug.
IAN MOODY November 14, 2014
All over the place Quick connection but list is not in any order.
John Macmillan
Can’t tune in to Radio Eviva!

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