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Tony Woolf May 24, 2017
The skip features are good. Unfortunately it cannot organise files by folder, you have to assign everything to a playlist. This makes it very hard to deal with large numbers of small files used in language learning, so I’m not going to get the paid app.
Farkas Gabor May 4, 2017
Thank you for the demo! Now I’m sure I’m not gonna buy the full version. It wouldn’t be that bad. The GUI is a bit chaotic, and it cannot be used for Android Wear as a standalone music player. These are the biggest faults.
Steve Reid March 24, 2017
Sound good, but i sometimes makes a quick jump while playing a song, I wonder if this is trying to verify the license. I’m using an android Sony Walkman and I am not connected to the internet. Is this trying to verify a license?
Alexander Ward February 11, 2016
No folder play This app is really good but no option to play from a folder instead of artist etc makes this app totally useless for me.
Alvin Balce
This trial version looks great! When do we get the full version?
Nicholas de Vera December 30, 2016
God bless you Been installing, testing, and googling music apps all fμ©<ing day looking for smart playlists. Sanity restored.
Adam Murphy November 5, 2015
Plays songs fine in the background until i exit an app then it stops and jumps back 3 or 4 songs
October 13, 2017
Bakawash hai yaar 10 se 12 din thik chalta hai fir band ho jata hai ye aap
abhishek tripathi April 1, 2017
Can’t download n embed lyrics just shows some links to nominate song of the day n all..
Jade Summer January 3, 2016
I thought u could add sounds U can only play music

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