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Maria Irsay November 24, 2016
Thank you for fixing the bug with this app. Am pleased to report the gorgeous music visuals are back to their best. Thank you for actually listening and sorting the issue out. I’m now happy to once again give this app 5 stars. Fab.
freakingapples456 January 25, 2017
I like it
Shaker4x4 March 24, 2016
Music Brightness Mode Insect 2.7ghz quad core lags badly when Music Vis Brightness Mode set on SM-N910G Note 4. Turned it off and CPU was able to catch up. Not sure what the go is there, these apps are intensive on rescources it seems. “Yes Georgie, they all float down here.”
Vilma Martti January 11, 2016
Please fix!! I love this app but for some reason it always stops when I tap “set wallpaper”! What a shame, really hope it would work again!
Mobile Visuals January 25, 2016
We can not reproduce this on any of the devices that we tested on. Can you try and uninstall the app and then install it again? Did you receive my reply?
Margaret Stych
Brill Since loading the full version it’s brilliant especially with the 50s and early 60s music I love it. The paterns and visuals are great and relaxing now given you 5stars would give it double but you don’t allow it.
Brett Cunningham April 14, 2016
Ascent to Transcendance It’s a stone groove brother.
Jason Resz
Stuck with only 1 background, and can’t control any other options either. Every time I try to edit, it will force close. Ever since an update a few months ago it doesn’t work right. Used to have lots of awesome features, but now I can’t even see them! Please give us an update to fix this thing. Was honestly my favorite live wallpaper until it stopped functioning properly. 2 stars in its current condition, but could and would be 5 stars IF I could once again access all the options

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