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Penny Eva October 1, 2017
I paid for this app to get the music visualization feature but keep getting invasive pop ups asking me to rate the app ( even though I’d already rated it). For this reason I edited my original review to give this app one star.
Richard Pena November 20, 2017
Be nice if it had its own music!
Karen Berg November 10, 2017
Fun app to watch while exercising.
Barbara Dawson September 17, 2017
Images are way too quick;
Sean Evans October 26, 2017
i like the visualizations neato
BOBBY LOTT May 25, 2017
Wicked!!! Like being at a rock concert!!🐂
Glenda Adams July 8, 2017
This music visualizer is great for relaxing and meditation and and so much more. But does not come with all the visuals it’s supposed to.
Paul R. Martinez November 21, 2016
What a trip! A dozen awesome journeys. Multiple, mesmerizing and mystic streams of revelation.
Michael L March 28, 2017
Would be even better with a VR option
Mobile Visuals May 3, 2017
We don’t have the budget for that yet. It would be very expensive to develop.
Moses Martinez March 8, 2017
Pretty good
Cameron G
Fantastic FX…Except for Alien Head Most of these visualizations are incredible. I can really lose myself in them. My favorite is the “Runner in the UFO”. I just wish there was an option to turn off the floating alien head that fades in and out. For me it’s distracting and a bit corny. UPDATE: The developer is very responsive to any problem and suggestion. The alien head has been removed and it seems the visuals have been drastically improved as well. Absolutely mesmerizing graphics. If you’re looking for the best music visualizers, this developer’s apps are, by far, the best.

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