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simeal woldu August 26, 2015
I changed my previous stars from 5 to 3 back to 5 because this person is legit I was confused in the process of enabling the broadcast. I thought it was on the app but it is on Spotify and this person made it so easy that when you open the app it holds your hand and brings you to the freakin spot (big pun). Quick turn around fix, responds to comments, working app. Can’t complain, people this is professionalism at its finest
Shout out to the developers! I just wanted to say thank you for creating this app. I’ve been looking for something like this since I’ve been a premium Spotify user for two years now. I’m using for the first time and it is playing on my TV seamlessly. I have a nexus 10 and was able to easily set this up. I also want to shout out the developers. There are many apps that get bad reviews with no response. These developers at least try to respond back to the bad reviews which I can appreciate. I actually read some of the responses back from the developers and used that as guidance to set my spoticast up. Great custome
webicy Amani July 18, 2015
Work like a charm Installation and set up was quick and easy. I was up and running in few seconds and enjoyed my music. I will definitely donate to this developer for making a litle but nice app. Would give five starts but I didn’t because the audio is Slightly delayed therefore things like crossfade don’t work, but it’s really a minor since the app gives u the option to mute ur phone playback while casting or I could just disabled crossfade in Spotify

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