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Ho WengMeng December 13, 2017
log in also cant how can give your users use it?
December 15, 2017
Not always update
Jia Hui Tan December 17, 2017
need pay $$ only can use it!!!
C.K. Tsai December 18, 2017
Xue Wen Yau December 6, 2017
Made me change from Spotify as there are more songs available and this felt like it has a higher quality of sound although both apps claim to have 320kbps. This is my opinion as a premium user for both platforms. But if you’re a free user Spotify is better.
Nicholas Cheng November 21, 2017
Fixed widget problem, but unplug headphone won’t stop music.
Vivienne Yan November 24, 2017
登入唔到 我有網絡 但係佢話connection error
Why all my song become shorter than usual 😶 Only can listen 30 seconds for all song .
apez7127 December 2, 2017
I’m sure my 4G line is ok. But your server takes time too long to load a song.
Leong Hoong Sheng December 7, 2017
I enjoy the fact that lyrics are added and fans can refer to them. Make the whole streaming experience more complete.
Ka Wing Leung November 23, 2017
Does not support as music provider in Android
洪庭凱 December 9, 2017
在Android 8.0無法在通知欄暫停音樂
KKBOX International Limited December 11, 2017
您好,我們需要多一點資訊來幫助解決問題,請您透過下方【意見回饋】詳述遇到的情形以及您的操作步驟給客服人員,收到後我們將協助您做進一步的確認,謝謝 KKBOX 左上角的「≡」 → 「更多」 → 「 帳號」→ 「意見回饋」→輸入內容→送出
kaiyun teh December 9, 2017
Have most of the latest songs available for kpop/cpop/US chart.
YanMing Feng
Sharli Ananda November 26, 2017
Can help me search my fav songs
Thomas Suen November 26, 2017
其實歌曲推薦係咪有用 ?🤔 還是 純粹假裝聆聽使用者意見?😃
Justin Ng November 24, 2017
Can’t listen when it is offline
Katie Blue December 3, 2017
I like it.
Yeap Hoay Fang December 10, 2017
Ray Chen December 15, 2017
should jave more song

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