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Paul Wight July 11, 2017
Visually unappealing, slows tablet operation, and the soundtrack continues even after I select other wallpaper. Uninstalling.
August 6, 2017
Not Bad
Timothy Campbell January 16, 2017
3dstars journey I love the music on the app and the virtualizer is beautiful one of the most beautiful ive seen i highly recommend this app
Scott Fletcher February 21, 2017
Very well made, certainly glad I decided to try it out. Definitely a keeper.
robert laughlin March 6, 2017
Reminds me of close encounters 👽
G. Khan January 25, 2017
Nice wallpaper. I love it
phillip diver March 29, 2017
Its beautiful worth lots but its free
Ryu Tanaka January 8, 2017
Won’t launch
Albert G LeRay January 25, 2017
Very nice
amin khan
Nice and
Andzej Pika December 18, 2016
Michael jackson
william hicks December 30, 2016
Star vacation
Vavala Colney November 26, 2016
Kelvin Kiyabu June 20, 2016
3d stars journey. Super background
Hieronymus Bosch Jeroen April 19, 2016
Good Good
kenneth rogers March 16, 2016
Just downloaded, looking good
Rex Intchauspe March 22, 2016
Neal Great
Jason Stull September 7, 2015
Perfectm Great app
Mike Young June 15, 2015
MECHA RICK June 19, 2015
Galaxy Awesome
Judy LeVeck March 8, 2015
Good It’s much better than wallpaper I have paid for. Paying extra doesn’t always work.
mabel pines September 10, 2015
Beautiful This wallpaper is beautiful and as realistic as the real sky. It is like their is a stary sky in your phone or tablet o Rd something different.
Janis Roberts April 12, 2015

Had this for awhile and with all the updates, it just keeps getting better. Tried some of the others, but this is still the best one by far. Thanks👍👍

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