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Brandon Matthews August 21, 2017
This app went from #1 to complete trash. All you get is error. Y’all need to do better than this. This will not be tolerated.
Travis Shepard November 1, 2017
I think this site has potential for the content of the music, but the tech of this monstrosity is wack, and so is the overall app
Patricia Oliveira June 21, 2017
It keeps saying download error 100 please help me
Jonathon Moody July 6, 2017
It want let me download nothing, keeps saying download error 100.
Dezi Mitchell June 16, 2017
It wouldn’t let me download any music 😟😟 it keeps saying error 100 ..if you can fix this I’ll rate better
Shondra Cortez December 15, 2017
U guys should update this app and fix the bugs like downloading issues plz
Matt Lucero July 11, 2017
Keeps saying error 100 when i try an download
Mike P September 12, 2017
Garbage app, download error 100. Uninstalled, waste of time and space
Ajanicia Lake
What Is error 100 and l can’t download music
July 8, 2017
It does not let me download anything it keeps on bringing up an error message
Ape 9an9 June 29, 2017
It keep saying download error
August 22, 2017
Keeps saying downloading error 100
Vizzy 25 September 19, 2017
It won’t let me download any music please fix this then maybe I’ll redownload it
Real ElboyWzBlad June 21, 2017
Has an download error need fix & ill rate 5 stars
Keonta Ardrey September 6, 2017
It doesn’t download anything
Dooney dooney June 26, 2017
It take long loading
Anthony Jordan June 21, 2017
Y’all got to fix the download
Ronaldrov Nazaire July 13, 2017
Its. Ok
Javonne Russaw July 26, 2017
It a good app
September 27, 2017
Good app

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