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Tarenity Pace September 2, 2016
Finally!! Something that connects to my drive!!! I looked and looked and downloaded every app I could to be able to play my music offline in the background and I FINALLY found this! Every other app said it played Google drive, but when I downloaded it, it was just Dropbox and Cloud :/ spent all day doing this bs.. Just thankful to have found this app. Very highly recommended 🙂
Tomer Hasson November 11, 2017
The ui is tragic and cloud folders does not work. I also do not wish to allow access to everything but the music folder and this is a problem.
Alýz Isme May 21, 2015
Plays my Cloud music for FREE! Happy to say I’ve had no problems getting it to work as advertised, and have easily and successfully connected it to my Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. If you have your own music library in the Cloud, I STRONGLY recommend using this to stream your music for FREE. The only reason I’ve given this awesome app 4 instead of 5 stars is because it uses nearly 100 MB of RAM while running/playing, which is the most memory usage by any app I run regularly on my device, including other music players. With such a seemingly stripped-down and simple G/UI (which I like), I’d hoped it could avoid this memory usage. BUT!! even with the RAM usage, it IS absolutely worth having, and I’m super happy to have found it. Thank you!!
Jeff Aftel May 9, 2015
Would love this but… It’s not seeing all the songs in my dropbox folders. Some yes, some empty.
Philip C August 8, 2015
Flawless connection to Dropbox The app connects to Dropbox very well, I just need to create multiple playlists. And there’s no link in the app to connect to the developer.

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