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C S December 16, 2017
Problem after problem with this app and gamecenter in general. Every few days all the games greyed out even though I have a paid sub. There’s no full screen button so I have to turn on auto rotate. Easier just to watch it for free online somewhere. Now it continuously loads when going to a commercial and I have to wait until the commercials for to be able to stream properly… This app keeps getting worse.
ian jennings December 16, 2017
Subscribed to nhltv. 25 dollars to watch my kings, in la mind you. Can only listen to a radio feed. Immediately canceled now fighting for a refund. I feel lied to and robbed. I will never support this shame on you. Don’t subscribe. Totally useless.
matthew budd December 18, 2017
Every single time I open the app it changes my favorite and followed teams. Also when I watch a game when it goes to commercial the feed completely cuts off and I get a loading screen. I love hockey and my ducks but this app is complete garage.
Ni Ge December 14, 2017
Constantly crashing, watching delayed to fast forward adds is locked out. Literally locked from fast forwarding a delayed telecast. Save your money and listen to the radio.
Aaron Bertram
The game play is OK but all the bs regarding commericals and now no intermission reports is unbelievable. Something is better than nothing.
Anthony Chopin December 17, 2017
Crashes every time it goes to commercial break and must restart the app every time. Also i can load a game on my phone but when I go to cast it to my tv it says there’s an area blackout for this game. Never used to do this. App is extra buggy since the most recent update.

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