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Steven Hagar December 14, 2017
I waited for a long time while a Direct TV customer to get Pac 12 Network access then I switched to a carrier that offers it. I’m glad I did because this app and all the teams of the Pac 12 are great to have. Sure the app could use some improvements but not many. Great job guys!
Pac-12 Networks December 15, 2017
Hi Steven, That’s awesome to hear! We’re really glad that you’re enjoying your experience. If you have any thoughts on how we can make the app better for you, just shoot us a message at We’re all ears!
December 4, 2017
Pac 12 son!!!!!
Pac-12 Networks December 11, 2017
Glad you’re enjoying Pac-12 Now! If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach us at
December 10, 2017
Can’t watch anything waste of time
Pac-12 Networks December 11, 2017
Hi there, Sorry to hear that! Would you mind providing more details at We’d love to help troubleshoot. Thanks!
Rance Stradling November 20, 2017
This app works good for watching the game live but during the game you cannot pause or rewind to watch something over. Also if you lock your screen and then open the app back up it doesn’t bring you back live, it brings and starts you at the point where you locked your screen Also after a big win it is one of the worst apps for rewatching games. You cannot simply click and rewatch the game you have to wait until it is being shown again on a pac 12 channel.
Zach Slater October 9, 2017
Great app when it works, it keeps signing me out of my xfinity account and now every time I try and click to log back into my xfinity on the app it has an error and has been happening for 2 weeks now

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