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J T July 15, 2017
Best wrestling promotion on the planet is NJPW. Great app, easy to sign-up, constantly adding new content, simple navigation organized very well. What are you waiting for? Cancel your lame WWE Network and join NJPWWORLD today! G1 CLIMAX starts Monday this is the time!!! NJPW > WWE
Julie Dilbert November 17, 2017
This is by no means a rating on New Japan itself. I love this promotion with all of my heart. However this app is in need of updates. It freezes in the middle of a match or it doesn’t cast well on my TV. It’s inconsistent. I have no problem casting any other app to my TV. Please fix the bugs so the world can have access to this great promotion.
Tom Delany November 4, 2017
NJPW is the new golden age of wrestling, and anyone who has ever enjoyed its theater and spectacle should sign up for their streaming service despite its problems. This app is simply a link to their website. It’s a bookmark, period. That site is fine with the exception of the embedded player which suffers from intermittent pausing/reloading regardless of one’s internet connection. Using a Chromecast or like device helps but it feels like there’s a server issue somewhere. As an app, one star; a site, two; Okada vs Omega, you damn well know its getting six.
brad G June 29, 2017
I wish I could rate this 5 stars. It won’t stream to a Roku. It freezes often I can’t even watch a single match. I want this to be a alternative to the wwe. Please fix this soon.
David Jabba July 23, 2017
I keep getting Chromecast errors I’m just going to switch back to the website until this app gets fixed. It has nothing to do with the content it’s just the app not casting

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