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Karl Kindt March 3, 2017
So far since the latest update, this works well with Chromecast now. I wish it would remember where I left off watching when I pause like Watch AFL does–hopefully a coming feature. Totally worth $5 per month for so much quality rugby. I wish it had French Top 14, Aviva, or some southern hemisphere competitions, but for the price, it’s still worth it. I’d pay double if they added those other competitions.
Evan Foster February 18, 2017
Really enjoying the content. Wish there were more games available, but it’s a great start. Chromecast has worked flawlessly aside from one match that didn’t have any audio.
Rachel Ruggieri August 9, 2017
I wish it played more popular games live…they play some but the day after
Corey Munson October 12, 2016
Chromecast function is junk Update: Oct. 2016. Gave the app another try after for months hoping the Chromecast function would be fixed. Nope, they just removed the option. Original post: I have been trying for half a day, unsuccessfully to get the Chromecast function on this app to work. I even went out and bought a second generation Chromecast thinking that maybe it was a problem on my end. Apparently it’s not and it’s doing the same thing. The app locks up Chromecast and doesn’t cast anything at all. Very frustrating.
Rasmus Overgaard Jensen November 16, 2016
Getting better The app it sells is OK. The content isn’t massively logically organised but you get used to it. But it’s really missing a chromecast function.
Alex Howarth February 6, 2017
The Chromecast functionality is lacking pause/fast forward/rewind.
Aathif Ansar
Get Roku people…chromecast does not work with it properly although they say it works…only works with roku like a charm!

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