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EVAN HAYDEN December 9, 2017
The app doesn’t work all the time, is it because I’m in a different country? It sometimes says that there is an error with the video / stream
November 21, 2017
Best part is it shows match highlights.
fidel patino7 November 22, 2017
Get it if you like soccer
Siddharth Padhan November 28, 2017
Its fab
Bummeh December 10, 2017
Nice. Very awesome.
Jose Perez December 14, 2017
It is very awesome
December 8, 2017
It’s awesome
Julio justiniano November 19, 2017
Awesome App
Wadood Khan November 26, 2017
I loved it
Shree Aakash December 3, 2017
Nice app
November 18, 2017
Sankar Jena November 25, 2017
Najwa Allie November 26, 2017
Vishal Kc December 2, 2017
Loved it
Ramesh Pedapatruni70366 December 10, 2017
Modou Lamine Diouf December 17, 2017
Addan William November 2, 2017
Very good and very fast app
Abraham Kamara November 5, 2017
I like this app because it is fast and good
November 11, 2017
It’s the best!!!!!
November 1, 2017
It is nice and I love football
Lefika Kgaodi November 9, 2017
Cool app
November 10, 2017
My life is football
November 11, 2017
You good Thanks
Jamir Gelra November 4, 2017
Great app.
ZEYAD HD October 27, 2017
The app is very good i love who made these app
Reginald Nii Ayitey Nunoo October 24, 2017
Great app. I am enjoying it
Putu Abinaya October 27, 2017
This is the best game evar
October 28, 2017
Its best app
October 28, 2017
Too great
Almamy Sakho October 29, 2017
Matthew Patrick October 22, 2017
I have been enjoying the experience, they always take me to the stadium.
Prasanna Manubavu October 26, 2017
This is a good great app you could never imagine………
Ervin Talinoci October 22, 2017
Its really great but when i touch fantasy it crashes

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