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David Neary December 14, 2017
Keeps buffering continually throughout the games, skipping forward causing me to miss great play’s and parts of the game. Not very happy at all! 😤 Yes my app is up to date of course and I have Comcast high speed internet so now what ?
NFL Enterprises LLC December 14, 2017
Make sure that your App is up to date.
Nathan Miller December 17, 2017
I think its a great app to have for football fans, but it would be nice to have the games not available to watch. For instance, I’m a big Steelers fan, but because they sent in my so called area, I don’t get to watch their games unless they are broadcasted on the stations I already get on tv so why watch it on the app. I would like to watch my teams games whenever they play on the app just for the fact that I can’t watch them on regular t.v. stations. This would be something I would like to see changed.
NFL Enterprises LLC December 17, 2017
Thanks for the great App Review! Always feel free to reach out to us through the Feedback Section within the App and we’ll be able to assist you there, if needed.
Dustin Cheek December 16, 2017
Not worth the money. If you watch a game on your phone if you drop out of the app it starts the game all the way over, good luck fishing for where you were. Also, can’t watch NFL Network games, they try to force you back to a cable provider or do without. So the money you spend on the app, you can get those services for free elsewhere.
rick zarobsky
Still has problems. If your paying the NFL 500 mil to broadcast the games then you should be able to broadcast the games. It cuts out , can be several minutes behind then stops before showing the complete game. Needs fixed

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