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Alex Leitner December 29, 2016
German Only Fitness App (Subsription needed) Zum Lachen weil fast lauter englische betitelte Fitness Übungen und dann nur mit deutscher Anleitung. Achtung Tablet User. Nur Streaming Modus. Kein Offline üben möglich
Amir Rehman July 20, 2016
Disaster: The content is great on the desktop but this app is the worst Android app I have seen in the last 6 years. 1. There is no way to rotate the screen. It stays in horizontal mode. 2. It’s only available in German 3. The app is basically not an app but a badly designed mobile website 4. No Android conformity 5. Videos not playing 6. Usability is basically non-existent I normally don’t give one star ratings but this app is a nightmare. Sorry.
NewMoove July 22, 2016
We are sorry that you have problems with our app, but this app is for our German user, and we are not able to fully your problems.
Evelyn Cossalter May 3, 2016
Chromecast missing Would be nice to have chromecast, otherwise I don’t see how I can do the classes only on my mobile
David Reinhold March 8, 2016
Doesn’t work Installed it on samsung tab s2 and the videos do not play at all

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