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Jon R November 27, 2017
Support is non existent. Sometimes works, Sometimes you are out of luck. Pay about 200usd and you get one of the worst apps ever. It’s a real shame as they market this for people like me who live abroad. Yet the app is completely unreliable and 0 help from support. Unbelievable what the NFL or whoever runs this is getting away with.
Fred Navarro November 17, 2017
The app got worse for the 17 season. They changed the app and never informed users about app changes. I can’t watch games anymore when I travel outside of my geographical area, which is nonsense! I am very disappointed by that and I probably won’t renew the subscription next year. Greedy people!
Urias B. Teixeira November 10, 2017
It’s awesome when it works, but… From time to time it keeps stoping saying there another device using streaming, but i restart and it works; Also it says my account has no access, wich is bull cause i can watch it from my computer.
Jonathan Kress October 22, 2017
“Your account does not have access to this content error”. Definitely worth the $300 subscription to not watch games then!! After working ok for half week, now I can’t watch anything!!! Edit: support is beyond a joke. Keep replying with auto/cookie cutter responses that do nothing, e.g. “make sure you d/l game pass international”. No s$@t Sherlock… 23/10 another week of no support, another week of not being able to access the service I pay for.
carl mcmahon October 17, 2017
The app used to be very good but now they have changed things it has gone down hill. I pay $280 a year and I can’t even watch it while I am overseas in Europe for a holiday. It used to be the best sports app by far but now the others have caught up and even overtaken it. It can drop in and out of games also Also app still doesn’t work on my tablet and response times for customers is very slow

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