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Helen Curtis December 11, 2017
Brilliant game, can’t stop playing, love the the new, twice weekly challenges. Before I know it, the day has all but gone! Just keeps getting better, my husband says I am an addict, don’t know what he is on about! Enough of this, I want to play birdies…….. and more birdies ha hahahahar. ……. it just keeps getting better! Amazing graphics and I still enjoy it just as much as when I first started playing. Just been promoted to Diamond II! ………….. excuse me, Coming birdies haha. Strange, there are men at the door trying, quite aggressively to make me wear a new jacket with buckles……. BIRDIES!!
Carmo Rose December 16, 2017
Been playing for year’s, now & just changed my rating due to the recent update. The app now takes at least 4 times to load, it keeps cutting out. The daily spins tells me I haven’t watched the video & it wouldn’t even load. 1 game I can get a power up on a bird with a video, the next game I can’t then I can again. & I know I haven’t used my daily quota of videos. Fix the issues & I’ll change my rating.
Karen Fields December 11, 2017
It’s ok and addicting at the same time. It’s ok only because you can’t score high enough without power ups. Once you use the freebies you are forced to purchase coins for power ups to keep your place in the league… Not fair… Cuz not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars playing this silly game. The purchase prices should be standard for ALL the Angry Bird platforms… This gives a fair edge to everyone. Just my unhumble opinion. But I will keep playing cuz of my friend but as soon as he quits, I quit!

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