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Jeremy Vermillion December 14, 2017
When the game encounters and error and i get a message that states “we’ve encountered a problem” why do i lose my progress when the problem is clearly yours? Fix this. I shouldnt lose my scores, energies, upgrades, etc etc…. i will not play if you refuse.
Eric Hartono December 15, 2017
i dont know either its my device or the apps problem, but every time the first ads appears, and i close it, the background music and sfx suddenly silent. i try to turn it on and off again but didnt work. i even uninstall and reinstall but its still the same. plis fix this. i love the gun shot sound
William Wake December 15, 2017
Good game when it plays. Crashes so much that it isn’t worth playing and is why I uninstalled. Comes up under no wifi no problem but sucks down data… Used .5 gb in the first two hours playing. Still all about making you pay to play.
Brandon Brown December 10, 2017
The guns are way too pricey. You have pay real money to really get good guns. And the game crashes every five minutes. Plus they don’t care when you contact support. I’ve left 4 messages In 2 days and they haven’t responded once. It’s fun but not worth it. Don’t get this game
Michael Cullen December 9, 2017
Beyond Buggy! Normally, I’d rate this 4-5 stars, but it’s way too buggy. I can’t even get through a CTS Tournament, let alone win one without the other player disconnecting or my session timing out. My game is completely frozen on my Rod Fishing, region 1 professional. Every time I spear fish, it times out. I’m on a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a 64GB internal and a 64GB external SD Card. I shouldn’t have any problems. Please fix, it’s frustrating when you can’t play or compete!!

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