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Ryan Fletcher December 16, 2017
The new layout takes a little getting used to but it is a great app functionally. I prefer it to the website in most cases. Very stable, fully featured, great Chromecast support, and easy access to streams wherever I am. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is I’m still not totally sold on the new layout.
Ivica Pandzic December 17, 2017
It worked great till the last update. Have 51mb/s, wont let me load 480p, 720p, 720HD and 1080Hd without stuttering. Samsung galaxy s8, android 7.0, samsung experience version 8.1 Edit: Fixed witth the latest version. Great work
Ditto Master December 17, 2017
Why is twitch pushing for streams to be separated by language? Some of the streams I follow are pushed down the list of “global” streams, and several don’t show up in my follow list nor in the “global” game category they’re playing in. This isn’t an issue on ANY other version of the site.
Steve Stevensen
One of the worst livestream apps: incredibly slow and terribly designed, with constant 30 second ads and unnecessary annoyances. YouTube Gaming is a much better alternative
Justin F December 15, 2017
My broadcast from XB1 was good. However, the Twitch hud position is immovable from bottom centre and so covers the game’s hud. Also, it does not relay the viewers’ chat, making interaction impossible. Going back to Mixer.
Linh Le December 18, 2017
The app works for viewing streams but the chat needs a lot of work. It has a tendency to disconnect and doesn’t let you know. The ability for audio only is nice.
Jamie H. TappedX3 December 15, 2017
After an auto update on 8/30/17 on my phone, I’ve been logged out, receive error messages & can’t log back in. Also having issues on my fire TV app version.

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