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Jeremiah Graham June 30, 2017
The sound effects barely play, there’s no mucic, and the adds rarely complete enough to give any boosters. The controls are pretty smooth and the graphics look good for a mobile game, but I’m running this on a Note 4 and it’s barely playable. Please fix your stuff if you care enough about your customers to keep them playing your game.
August 11, 2017
I used to love the old version a while later deleted it and haven’t played this game for a few years now i’m back and i t is totally different the races are pretty much the same but everything else is diffrent. Could you guys make a version just like the old one and call it angrybirds go orignal or something just please bring back the original
harshil shah August 25, 2017
Size is big issue in many rovio games. I think that makes it slow sometimes. Please reduce your apk size and optimize game for better performance. Thank you. You really have some new ideS n ilike your concept but need more quality in game size n performance thx
Jose Gato
New update well done but what about my progress in the old update? Lost it and now start from the begining and its harder for you to spend real money!!! Don’t think so mateys will have few bevs instead. Rovio will s_ck a fart of my ars…..e
amrita jethanandani July 30, 2017
Impressed. But the videos work once in a blue moon. The karts of Stunt area are the ones that skid the most. Still, it is good. It has much more reasons to like it than to dislike it. And I have a full confidence that you will work on the things not proper…. Kindly do reply.

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